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Brown's Downfall: The Prequel

I don't know about you, but I have seeen a fuck-load of re-subtitled versions of Downfall, casting Adolf Hitler as Gordon Brown. Most of them have been pretty fucking hilarious, but the one that Guido has posted this evening is one of the funniest that I've seen so far...

As Guido points out, Gordon has today recast himself as a brave and honourable man, a victim struggling in the face of adversity. It's pathetic, frankly.
"My struggle" was the sub-text of Gordon's missive this morning when he told us "Mein own response to the great challenges in my own life has been to confront them, resolute in the belief that there would always be something that could be done to overcome them".

Fuck you and your struggle, Gordon: I don't give a fuck. You are a nasty, evil little man and the only thing that I regret is that your struggle has not been harder. One would have thought, if your life had been so bad, that you would have spent a little less time fucking up everyone else's, you bitter old shit.

Further, you are so fucking incompetent that I am surprised that you even have sight in one eye, you monocular wanker.


Mark Wadsworth said…
That vid really is funny.
Michael said…
That's fucking hilarious, especially at 6 min I LOL'd!
Anonymous said…
Gordon Brown should be dragged through the streets of london and then stoned to death outside number 10 for his crimes against the british people.

He is a lying fat useless unelected one eyed presbyterian CUNT.

He should hold his hid in shame for what he and these labour quasi communists have done to this oncegreat country.

Old Holborn said…
I'd like to see his struggle

On the end of a fucking rope

In front of a crowd of Iraqi orphans
Mac the Knife said…
Abso-fucking-lutely hilarious. Ta DK.
Rob Farrington said…
Cockholster...bwahahaha! I'll have to remember that one!
Roger Thornhill said…
The ending is very very good, the "must focus on..." boilerplate that Gordo keeps trotting out like some Inaction Man with Eagle Eye and tax-gripping hands.
Rob said…
The best of the lot. In the Parkhead NHS hospital, and the man having his arm sawed off..."He grazed his arm"..."Thank God I'm BUPA".

Somehow I can't see something as funny or satirical as this appearing on the BBC, not unless the target is George Bush or Cameron.

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