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Server trouble

My server has been going up and down like Polly Toynbee's knickers at a Labour Party Conference.

Apologies to those whose sites are there hosted: I suspect that the current problems are related to the migration to the new data centre, but I am going to be tracking down the suppliers and giving them gyp on Wednesday anyway.

In the meantime, if any of you find that the images on this site are not displaying, or that assorted blogs are unavailable, then you know that the damn thing's down again and I am struggling manfully with the controls...


I thought it was all those updates you mentioned a while ago. Ah well.
On an unrelated note, I'm attempting to give blogging a go. Problems:
1. I've never done it before.
2. I'll probably not keep it up.
3. I have a bloody awful banner on the top.

I'll give it a shot, though. It will probably fail.
Rob Farrington said…
Right, thank you, DK, for giving me yet another unwholesome image to carry in my mind as I finally get to bed.

Polly Toynbee's knickers coming down? I have work in 10 hours and somehow, I don't think I'll find much refuge in sleep tonight.
Rob Farrington said…
Panopticon Britain, I thought for some reason that 'Panopticon' was something to do with Doctor Who.

But then, I'm a 37 year-old nerd with a failing memory!

Anyway, welcome to blogging! At least you're being yourself; I was once going for the satire type thing and was pretending to be a maniacal islamic fundamentalist before I got bored of updating the blog.

It didn't last long really, although I might feel like reviviving it some time.
Anonymous said…
I am sure you will be carrying on doing your job of steering this (excellent) blog through World-wide severe server choppy waters.
You haven't stuck all the info on a memory stick and lost it have you, our dear Devil?
Anonymous said…
Oh! I thought it was a new simplified appearance so examined it carefully and decided it was shit.

Did not like the absence of that little bugger with the knife at the top.

Welcome back.

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