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Sarkozy is wearing...

So, President Sarkozy is credited with bringing the Black Sea Distraction to an end. The Daily Mash is reporting that M. Sarkozy may have been spurred on by his wife's kinky promises.
The French president said: "When I left the house yesterday Carla said to me, 'if you can end the war in Georgia I will do that thing that makes you quack like a duck.

"I cannot actually tell you what it is, other than to say it involves a balaclava, a butternut squash and three feet of clingfilm. And Carla Bruni in the buff, obviously."

Mr Sarkozy said the incentive helped him to maintain a 'laser-like focus' throughout the negotiations.

"If at any point I felt a peace deal was in jeopardy, I simply pictured my wife soaping herself. Worked like a charm."

Whilst this may, indeed, have been a carrot for M. Sarkozy, may I suggest that his success was down to something a little more saucy? Might I suggest, in fact, that M. Sarkozy's negotiating skills were augmented in a similar manner as that of the gentleman in the video below...?

Indeed. Perhaps Gordo should try it...



Dirty Euro said…
The EU won peace between georgia and russia it is a great union it allows small nations to combine together to stand up to bigger nations 60 % of russians exports are to the eu it is dependent on the eu. This peace deal shows why the Eu was created sarkozy as president of the union has done an awesome job. Euroskeptics neocons must be devastated.
Those mornic usa nazis who want us to break up the eu are just ignorant scum who fuck all about us. Europe is at its most vulnerable when it is weak and divided that is how euroskeptics would want us to be. They would leave us riope for the picking. Let make sure these immature idiots never get power.
So where is the thanks for peace form the nazi euroskeptics.
Eisenhower was right to support our community these modern necons are just ladyboy pygmies compare to eisenhower. No offence to the ladyboy pygm,ies who visit this website.
Willie said…
I have been wondering whether it was worthwhile posting a response to dirty euro who cannot spell, punctuate and whose vocabulary is limited to words such as "awesome" and "devastated".
On balance, I cannot be bothered. I did once meet a small but visually interesting,at least at first glance, ladyboy in Bangkok. Unfortunately he was a socialist troll so he was not worth talking to either.

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