Monday, August 11, 2008

Major invective

Cunt though he is, I can't say that I disagree with any of this post by Twenty.
Politicians. What a pack of cunts. We all know that already but why don’t we ever do anything about them? We can talk about their differences in terms of party loyalties or whatever but underneath it all they’re all the same.

Ugly, embittered little people who, if they were any other section of society would be hung by their balls or their clits from lamp-posts and stoned to death.

Democracy sounds like a great fucking thing but it’s not. It’s just a tool to enable cronyism, back-slappery, fraud and chicanery of every possible kind while the regular people get fucked royally up the arse every day of the fucking week.

I really fucking hate them. Every single fucking one of them. I hope they all get cancer of the face and die screaming.

Then I can become dictator and you’d see the difference. Oh yes.

Well, you can have Eire, my dear Twenty, and I shall have England. Mr E can have Scotland, Squander Two Northern Ireland and oh... someone like Ordovicius can have Wales. I don't think that we could do a worse job, frankly...


Gman said...

The best for of government is a dictatorship with state population of one

gordon-bennett said...

I'm not happy with you grabbing England for yourself just like that.

I want to run England and I should be allowed to do so, because I want it more than you.

the doctor said...

DK ,Since you are carving the U.K. up , could I please have the Isle of Man .

Ordovicius said...

My first act as the Benevolent Leader of Walia is to scrap taxes for totty.