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Weathercocking Polly

Only a few years ago, Polly Toynbee was quite obviously frothing at the gash for her big Norse warrior: indeed, she titled one of her pieces...
Blair's party is crying out for Gordon the Viking

Cue many vile pieces from your humble Devil which conjured up—for your delight—some scenes of sexual filth between Odin (the god who, according to Norse legend, had only one eye) and his Valkyrie.

Oh dear, oh dear: how quickly Gordon the Viking fell out of favour with our fickle commentariat.
A loyal audience gave a dutiful ovation, but it was a dismally mechanical performance. If this was Gordon does Dave, the comparison was excruciating.

He could do it without notes because it was an autopilot compilation of the dullest parts of every speech he has made, mantra after clunking mantra, pacing up and down to the same old tropes.

As young Timmy says,
That’s a nice enough description of a Brown speech, yes. Not got it for the Big Viking any more then?

... and he then goes on to point out that Polly understands neither the oil industry nor basic economics.

I find this rather heartening for, whilst Polly no longer gets wet for Gordon, she is at least consistently wrong about everything else...


"Odin (the god who, according to Norse legend, had only one eye"

Ah, but Odin traded the other eye for a drink from the Well of Wisdom, hence his sagacity. Not that that will save him: at Ragnarök, he is destined to be swallowed whole by the giant wolf Fenrir (i.e. monetary inflation and worldwide economic depression).

Elby the Beserk said…
And here's the best from Poll on the object of her desire ... sometime last September, when he had just saved the world.

"Twice a year Gordon Brown fills his party's sails with pride. His tornado of facts and figures magics up images of untold national wealth and success.

Standing at the dispatch box, the towering superiority of his brain makes intellectual pygmies of his opponents."

You couldn't make it up, could you?:-)
Roger Thornhill said…
You couldn't make it up, could you?:-)

Why ever not? She did.

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