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Fame at last!

Thanks to the correspondent who not only pointed out that this post on the economy got a cursory mention on Sky News a few days ago (shortly before the presenter went on to dwell lovingly on Mr Dale's entry) but who also captured it for me.

Surely fame and fortune can only be a few short decades away...?


Jeremy Jacobs said…
Perhaqps it's time for that interview!
Old Holborn said…
You must be so proud knowing that 2 million unemployed ferals were knocking one out on the sofa whilst their bloated and tattooed Eileens tried on their new Ann Summers peep hole bras and West Ham crotchless football shorts whilst the politics bit was on the Sky Box. Featuring you. Innit.

Still on the positive side, half a million alzheimers sufferers propped in front of the telly all day still have no idea what a blog is. Or me.
Chris said…
Any Spikes in Site hits following the publicity?


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