Saturday, July 26, 2008

Campaign for medicopolitical accountability

Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) and MTAS (Medical Training Application Service) hit the news last year as many doctors in training were maltreated by a new ultra Stalinist system; however the problems thrown up have drifted off the news radar this year. This does not mean that the problems created by MMC and MTAS have gone away, far from it, already hospitals are finding it impossible to get hold of locum cover, while numerous jobs are still unfilled for this year with the August changeover ominously looming. The cost of the gross management failures that resulted in this situation will be counted for many years to come.

Remedy UK, a group of doctors in training, took the government to court and narrowly lost at judicial review, largely down to the BMA's siding with the dark side against the interests of its members. Remedy have not given up their attempts to hold those responsible for this scandal to account; to this day not a single person has been held to account for the catastrophic incompetence that was proven to have taken place in MMC and MTAS.

Remedy have published a letter in the Lancet and have launched an online petition calling for the establishment to restore a semblance of accountability to proceedings. The political stooges in charge like Lord Darzi and the CMO, Liam Donaldson, routinely hide from the after effects of their dangerous top down reforms; they are happy to sit in their ivory towers and cast judgement upon everyone but themselves, it is about time that they were forced to be accountable for their negligent errors. I, for one, will be signing the Remedy petition, and I would urge you to do the same if you want to force the dictators that order us around to be held to account for their dangerous and stupid actions.


Mac the Knife said...

Count me in Doc, as a former NHS drone I suffered through the 'It Ain't Broken But Let's Fix it Anyway' school of management, and firmly believe that the perpetrators need arse-fucking whenever and wherever they appear...

Mark Wadsworth said...

largely down to the BMA's siding with the dark side

Woah! The BMA is The Dark Side. Or is the Gummint The Dark Side here? Or the f***ing self-serving pigshit ignorant judges?