Thursday, June 12, 2008

EU know what...?

I really thought for a moment that Gordon Brown's various rules governing his fiscal prudence (ha!) were made of his own volition. How naive am I?
The European Commission is to start disciplinary proceedings against the UK for breaching its economic rules.

It says Britain's budget deficit, the gap between its spending and its revenues, is growing too large.

The disciplinary proceedings are in effect a formal warning to curb borrowing, cut spending or both.

The Treasury said it did not agree with the commission's assessment and asserted that the UK's public finances were sound.

The UK cannot be fined as it is not in the eurozone, but the launch of proceedings is unlikely to reflect well on the UK government.

The Commission is probably right, but I still think that the correct response is quite simple.

Fuck. Off.


Ian_QT said...

Someone tell Polly, quick.

Budgie said...

This is to pay back Broon for his sanctimonious finger wagging at other European countries' financial position over the last 10 years. Hubris followed by nemesis. Goodbye Broon and good riddance.

Nothos said...

Your response is quite right. The EU having a go at a member state concerning their finances? Bit of a pot calling the kettle black, wouldn't you say?

The day the EU finally sign off on the auditing of their finances is the day they can even contemplate discussing a nation's financial matters.

Of course, I'd still tell them to fuck off, but that's by the by...

Adam said...

Eurocratic Wankers!
Agree with Nothos...Let them get their own house in order.
Personally I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss, but, if I happened to have a heavy night on the whiskey, then maybe, just maybe that said steam would be flammable, in which case I'd tell Chairman Broon and his Eurocratic shithead cronies to take a deep breath!

Anyone got a lighter???

Roger Thornhill said...

Shape of things to come. If anyone needs clearer evidence that the EU considers it the supreme authority over the UK, this is it. Still, the Federasts do not care as they are just after access to an even bigger trough without having to worry about the pesky proles.

Robert Arbon said...

Sorry DK - you're wrong. Gordon's rules regarded national debt, not budget deficit.

EU rules: Deficit < 3.0% GDP
Gordons rules: Net Debt over cycle <40% GDP

Devil's Kitchen said...


I am not wrong at all; you will note that I was not specific about what rules; I did not mention the Golden Rule or anything of that sort...


Robert Arbon said...

Hahaha, ok, I'm not trying to be confrontational here but I'm not sure Gordon Brown or the media has ever made any claim that the budget deficit rule was his, but whatever.

I'm definitely with you on the sentiment though.

Hookers & Gin said...

My memory is hazy but I seem to recall them making similar warnings when Brown made massive spending commitments to the NHS etc all those years ago. Can anyone confirm?

Jon Worth said...

Those rules are a bit silly actually when it comes to the UK - they are designed to make sure government s of countries in the Eurozone (Italy, Greece) don't spend excessively. Legally speaking the controls apply to the UK too, but - frankly - no-one in the EU institutions gives much of a damn about UK spending. Hungary, Poland and some others are also in breach. No big deal.

Rob said...

How about "Fuck off you bunch of corrupt wankers"?

FlipC said...

Ah you missed off the next paragraph

"It says it foresees a situation when Britain's deficit is over 3% of its GDP, breaching the rules on economic management set down in Europe's Growth and Stability pact."

So they're starting disciplinary proceedings because we might breach the rules in the future, but even if they find against us they can't fine us... anyone care to guess how much these proceedings are going to cost?