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Brown's Judas Kiss

Pater Devil has written a letter to Gordon Brown. I thought that it was an admirably concise piece of work, so I reproduce it here (with permission, of course)...
12 June 2008

Dear Prime Minister,

So you won your vote on 42 days' detention without charge last night: the newspapers tell us that you were so pleased with yourself that you kissed Jacqui Smith and slapped your whips on the back. I suppose that in the strange world in which you live, this is indeed a suitable way to celebrate a whipped parliament trashing our Ancient Liberties.

You bang on constantly about 'Britishness' and yet it is clear that you do not have the faintest idea of what this embodies. If you cannot comprehend that the concept of personal liberty underlying Habeas Corpus is central to what has made these islands special, why not just admit your intellectual and emotional deficiency (not to say historical ignorance) and announce formally the introduction of a soviet-style justice system complete with gulags and re-education camps?

It is said, perhaps inaccurately, that you are bemused by your plummeting popularity: ask yourself whether this might not be in some way connected with the fact that the British have never liked being ruled by arrogant, self-righteous authoritarians and that the concept of 'don't do as I do, do as I say' has always been anathema in these islands.

You really don't understand the British at all do you?

Yours, sincerely in the belief that you are utterly unfit to be Prime Minister,

Pater Devil

I think that says all that needs to be said, and not a swearword to be seen. Although, of course, I fear that many British people are happy to be ruled by authoritarians wherein their own petty prejudices are concerned, as we saw with the ban on drinking alcohol on the Tube.

Perhaps the British of yore, lovers of freedom, have been replaced by doppelgangers in a sinister, real-life recreation of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

Or maybe these stout yeomen never existed at all...


Dan said…
Slightly off topic. But the Irish!! The Magnificent fuckers went and voted NO. What a day. I'm off to the pub....
Chris Snowdon said…
Mine's a Guiness
Anonymous said…
Someone commented on the Beeb's Have Your Say that it was wrong to call this legislation authoritarian because, after all, it's not like we're as bad as North Korea.

I think that should be the new motto of our United Kingdom replacing the outdated "Dieu et Mon Droit".

Soviet Britain: We're Not As Bad As North Korea.
Paul said…
If that's the sort of attitude that British people really have I think it's better to look at other places to live. Denmark is a friendly country and they speak English very well.
Dr Doom said…
Ah, if only Gordon the bogeyman would heed such sage advice. But he will not. Democracy is dead. Truth is dead. For Gordon, all lies are noble - for they come from the heart.

Nothing will change the inexorable slide towards a European Super State. Your celebrations are over a Phyrric victory. The Irish will be gotten around somehow. Doom
nightjack said…
Many populations have allowed themselves to be beguiled, strong-armed or scared into and accepting an authoritarian regime. They pass tough sounding laws and begin rounding up the scape goats. All very populist, I believe the young folks call it dog whistle politics these days.

Of course Labour have the slight problem that such authoritarian movements generally hitch their wagon to a charismatic leader. Need I say more about their current incumbent who is little more than the poor man's Chernenko or indeed his predecessor the low rent Jeffrey Archer.

Their next step after taking the executive and legislative power is always, and I mean always, to find excuses to stay in control just that little bit longer and then for a bit more and then for some more again please. This is followed by actually we're stopping and you can't make us leave.

We do it ourselves every now and then. Take aim at foot, depress trigger, wonder where the pain came from? We let some authoritarian b'stards get control of the levers of power because they offer a quick solution in a nasty world or they offer us good free stuff for ever. Then we nod along as they chip away at the very rights and safeguards that might enable us to rid themselves of them later.

At the moment (and I find this hard to type) I am thanking the Lord for the House of Lords who are fighting a doomed rearguard action. We don't deserve them.

I forget which African sage it was who said of Mugabe something like "I am so sad. When Mugabe said one man one vote, I didn't think he meant you would only ever get a meaningful vote the one time."
Anonymous said…
One man, one vote.

Mugabe is the man.

He has the vote.
Anonymous said…
Gordon Brown is a dirty skanky crusty diseased cunt who deserves to be removed from power.

He is the most embarrassing export we Scot's have sent south since the fucking Krankies.

Watch him when he talks, watch that GOLDFISH breath he takes like a fucking retard before he talks. Once you notice you will be forever seeing it. It is like Jeremy Beadles wee hand.

Everytime that cunt opens his big mouth to talk he takes a big jaw dropping breath like he is swallowing a load of communist spunk. It could be a relex action from blowing Mandleson.

I post anon today.
Anonymous said…
One would hope you Emailed this to our esteemed Prime Minister.
Please do email it to all the newspapers you can think of.
See which ones print it...
I believe it was Ian Smith who said of "Rhodesia"

"Sure, give them one man one vote. Once"
I'd love for someone to stand up and say that in the Commons one day to Brownie. He'd probably cry.
chuck said…
The British public is a rabid dog when it comes to security. It's one of the main reasons why i hold out no hope for this country. As long as the Sun and fuckers like Rupert Murdoch control goverment policy nothing will change.
wonkotsane said…
Magna Carta is English, El Gordo is Scottish. Perhaps he's just jealous that his ancestors never came up with anything approaching the importance of Magna Carta and the English Common Law? Jealousy is an essential trait of a socialist isn't it? I can't get what you've got so I'll just make sure you can't have it either.
zeno said…
Someone on Guido's blog (apologies if you're reading this, but I can't remember your name) suggested a rather nice campaign to help Gordon get the message.

We each send him - anonymously if we wish - a white feather.

This is an astonishingly good idea. Can all Dear Readers of this fine blog please spread the word? Perhaps we could choose the day of the Haltemprice by-election as the day we send our billets doux to the Big Feartie.
Roger Thornhill said…
Yes, bodysnatchers.

I suppose these days the trick is to place a boxed set of "lost" or "Eastenders" next to the bed along with some Magners, a few tubes of Pringles and a flat TV connected to a Sky+ and they are assimilated.
Henry Crun said…
Hats off to pater devil - the country needs more of the same. DK this must be a proud moment for you - wish I could say the same of my own socialist ancestry, although I suspect granddad would be spinning in his grave. Fortunately I am my own man and stand on the side of truth, freedom and justice for all, not the suspension of habeas corpus and detention without charge.

Britain: Twinned with Zimbabwe
Anonymous said…
Exactly my thoughts - Brown & Co. need to loose their passports and have to apply to join this country. And get told to fuck off.

Gurkha Pun is approximately 10^27 times more British than Brown, for example.

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