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Tube philosophy

Here's a photo, taken by John Band, at King's Cross St Pancras.

As John says, I'm not sure that Boris would approve. Mind you, none of our politicians would...


Andrew Roocroft said…
"All Communism, under whatever guise, is the natural enemy of Anarchism, and a Communist sailing under the flag of Anarchism is as false a figure as could be invented."

Henry Appleton
Martin said…
A perfect society would, by definition, consist of perfect people.

And nobody's perfect except me!
Blue Eyes said…
It would have to be a very small society, but then some people prefer the hermit life.
Chas said…
As nice Mr Balls might say, "So what?" There is a reason why Bakunin is pretty obscure these days.

I'm sure that Boris WOULD approve of the interesting philosophical quotation, but as has already been pointed out, we do not live in a perfect world. And if you allowed obscure 19th century Russian anarchists to get hold of it, it would get a lot worse than even this fucking government is making it.
Roger Thornhill said…
The perfect tube network has no delays, only punctuality. No crowds, only seats. No announcements, only information. No art, only design.

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