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There's a lot of spam around at the moment, so I am temporarily disabling Anonymous comments. Apologies to commenters: I shall reinstitute open access when things have calmed down slightly.


Ian_QT said…
Are the CAPTCHAs failing to do the trick any more?

If so, Blogger really needs to consider a move to ReCAPTCHA, which as far as I'm aware has not been cracked as yet.
Jules said…
As long as it's not like the "type every letter with a cat in it (cat may be a dog, letter may be a number)" thing that rapidshare uses.
rightwingprof said…
You too, eh? I just installed a new wordpress plugin, and it seems to be working so far.

What kills me is the spam itself. Eel sex? There are people who fantasize about having sex with eels? Eeeeuw.
leg-iron said…
Eel sex? Brings a whole new meaning to 'sleeps with the fishes'. I wonder how you'd go about it?

You could just refuse to speak to anyone espousing The Politics That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

If someone thinks their argument is sound, they should be prepared to put their name to it. Conversely, if they don't put their name to it...
Blue Eyes said…
leg-iron said…
Like, totally :)
Devil's Kitchen said…

I'm aware that you are probably joking, but it's worth reminding people that this blog is a private space and I shall publish what I want to publish.

I am not interested in publishing spam, so I delete it. I don't delete any other comments.

silas said…
DK, seeing as you were very supportive of the idea to ban Darling from pubs across the UK, would you be interested in this?

Seeing as there's a ban on protesting near Parliament, I was wondering if anyone on here would care to join me on a sightseeing trip there instead?

No banners, no slogans, no chanting.

A silent walk around Parliament Square taking photos of Parliament and possibly being nostalgic for when it meant something.

June 28th at 1pm.

Not a protest, remember. Just a walk around Parliament Square.
Blue Eyes said…
you are probably joking


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