Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quote of the day...

... comes from the always-readable though sadly irregular Nosemonkey.
If the left/Labour can’t get over the snide remarks, personal attacks and class prejudice that seems to imbue every aspect of their relationship with the Conservative Party - and, ideally, come up with some practical left-wing policies rather than populist and ill-considered appeals to the middle-classes and big business - they are going to continue to slide in the polls to the point of embarrassing defeat.

Well, let's hope so. Much as I loathe the Tories, I do tend towards the idea that they will probably not be as abysmal as NuLabour. Or they at least deserve a chance to show that they won't be (although, personally, I suspect that we will barely be able to tell the difference).

Anyway, the above comes from an excellent and balanced article on Boris: do wander over and read the whole thing...

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