Friday, May 09, 2008

A peaceful protest

I really like this idea from The Nameless One.
Fuck the lot of them. Before any ban comes into place, I think there should be a protest of people who drink on public transport but don't behave like utter cunts.

Imagine, a few hundred people, all having a bottle of beer on the tube, before calmly and quietly getting off at their destination without any fuss or bother whatsoever.

A clear example to Boris and those Nu Labour bastards that there is no need to curtail our freedom further.

Anyone up for it? We have about twenty-two days to organise...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Good idea!!

Just pick a time and place (preferably meeting on the platform after seven o'clock or so so that we can all get in the same carriage), generate one of those widgets that we can add to our blogs and we'll see what happens.

Will we be allowed to smoke as well?

In the meantime I shall continue with my one-man protest against the upcoming ban.

silas said...

I'm in. Just name the time and the place and I'll bring a bottle. May even bring a bottle of spirits and a shot glass and encourage anyone else to join in who didn't know about it!

Slightly O/T, I did manage to get twelve different people I'd never met before to share some Jager that was being removed from my suitcase at an airport. That worked, so this may as well.

Falco said...

I fI'm still in London I'll be there, flask in hand.

manc_ill_kid said...

Could you no just spent the next 22 days offering random folk on the underground cans of beer?

The Nameless One said...
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The Nameless One said...

I'd be up for it (fairly obviously!)

Would it be worth linking it to the Libertarian party? Not making if a LPUK event, as I am sure there are those who aren't part of LPUK who would want to get involved, but fundamentally this is about one of the core values of the Libertarian party - freedom from the fucking government.

Mat said...

How about June 1st as a date ;-)

D-Notice said...

See Facebook...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Having given this some more thought, can we make it the Circle Line? That way, when you run out of booze and/or reach a suitable interchange, you can just go home as normal?

Lil Jimmy said...

That's a brilliant suggestion about the Circle Line. Maybe even the Central Line so that when the train breaks down and people have to walk between stations, they'd be less frightened.

John Trenchard said...

bit sad. for the first time ever we have a RIGHT WING mayor in charge of london.
so i will have to pass on this one.we should ease off and let him get on with it.

if crime goes down as a result of this measure, and london becomes more civil, then its not unreasonable to deduce that Boris might remove the ban in the future. please do read up on "broken windows" theory. that is all he is doing.

its the Marxists we need to reserve our utter contempt and bile for. they ban - and they never EVER repeal a ban.

boris is rooting out the leftists from London city hall. Let him get on with it for Gods sake.

Trooper Thompson said...

John Trenchard: So you oppose things if the so-called Left implement them, but if the so-called Right do the same things, that's alright with you? Wake up from your delusions - there is no difference between the Left and the Right. Every shit piece of legislation that Labour has introduced is a continuation of what the Tories did when they were in power. How this has anything to do with broken windows theory, I do not know.

The reason for people supporting the ban is the rampant craven cowardice of so much of the public, too scared to say anything to the people who are doing things they don't like, they sit and fume, fantasising that a black-shirted cop will get on and beat down and taser the person that offends them.

Chas said...

I'm a Libertarian like the rest of you, but the fact is that it's only total wankers who drink on the tube. why can't they go to the pub, or go home and get shit-faced , like you and me? The reason Boris is banning them is beacuase they frighten people or beat them up.

He was also elected on a ticket to do it, so he has an obligation to carry out his manifesto promise. You don't like it when Gordon "Cunt" Brown doesn't give us the referendum he promised, do you?

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Normally, when you argue that something is "private" and therefore not a matter for the law it usually involves at least two people, in which case intervention may be justified. (Or perhaps you would like to make a libertarian case for legalised duelling as well?)

In this case, drinking alcohol is obviously a private matter. Nor has the Government deemed alcohol to be a dangerous substance, like a narcotic.

On the other hand, whoever has responsibility for the running of the Tube (is it Boris?) also has the right to impose certain "conditions of carriage" on passengers, among which could be included a ban on smoking or drinking.

Trooper Thompson said...

No, Chas, you only notice the total wankers. Threatening people or beating them up always has been against the law.

If you were really a libertarian you would resent being told that you can't be trusted to drink alcohol without running amok.

The question regarding Boris's democratic mandate is interesting. The answer is that no democratic mandate gives a government the right to take away inalienable rights - hence the need for limited government. I don't consider drinking on the tube to be an inalienable right from my Creator, but this ban is symptomatic of the authoritarian - if not totalitarian - mentality of the do-gooder, know-better scum who infest the state, and in the period between now and the next general election, I expect to see both main parties competing to outdo each other in the authoritarian stakes.

This issue is similar to that of the increasing number of people hit by fines for dropping crumbs from a sandwich. I dislike litter as much as the next man, but I dislike jumped-up stasi pricks, strutting around, handing out fines to people they think they can intimidate.

Robin said...

I`m going to show my protest by sitting stoney faced when travelling, and not trying to engage in any conversation with anyone that comes onto the train. I might pretend to read a newspaper or something.

Old Holborn - bitter and twisted said...

This boils my piss.

I lived in Germany for 12 years and in the end I had to leave because I simply couldn't bear the "do as you are told" regime anymore.

You cannot have a bath after 10pm, you cannot wash your car on the drive, you cannot mow your lawn between noon and 3pm etc etc etc. Cunts, the lot of them. If a law was passed stating that all Germans had to put their feet in a bucket of water every morning, 99% of Germans would go to work with wet shoes.

It used to be in the UK that anything was allowed that was not expressly forbidden. It has changed to everything is forbidden that is not expressly allowed.

I'm fucking sick of being told what NOT to do, what to do, where to do it and when. Fuck off and leave me to live MY life, you bastards. I only get the one and I won't obey you fucktards whilst we all end in the same place anyway. Dead and forgotten.


Roger Thornhill said...

If Boris was sincere about the ruling as a way to calm things down, he would have inserted a sunset clause. AFAICT He did not.

The smoking ban could have had a sunset clause and by now you could have repealed it and some pubs decide to retain no smoking. Oh no.

Sam said...

The thing I hate the most is the assumption by seemingly rational people that all people that drink on public transport are utter cunts/wankers/toss-monkeys. For the most part the people that cause trouble are ALREADY totally hammered. Thus those still capable of drinking are fine.

Anyway a suggestion if you guys do your protest... take a good wine instead including corkscrew and proper glass... the only thing anti-social about a good Merlot would be not offering others a glass.