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Oh, very unlikely. Er...

UKIP Lord Pearson of Rannoch has attempted to insert an amending clause into the current EU legislation going through the House of Lords.
Lord Pearson of Rannoch (UKIP)

moved Amendment No. 129:

After Clause 2, insert the following new Clause

Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972 (c. 68), nothing in this Act or in the Treaty of Lisbon shall create an offence of xenophobia under which United Kingdom citizens may be prosecuted in the United Kingdom or elsewhere."

Vindico notes that not all of our noble representatives are so decent or, indeed, far-sighted.
Lord Williamson of Horton shows himself to be a despicable creature of monstrous proportions...
I recall that I made a declaration of interest at the beginning of the Committee stage. I intervene briefly on Amendment No. 129 on xenophobia. I think that I have always been very careful and courteous in my interventions during this long Committee stage, but I am inclined to say that this amendment verges a little on the bizarre. The suggestion here that an offence will be created does not seem to me among the more probable events which may result from the ratification of the treaty of Lisbon. If that is the case, as I believe it is, I think that we should abstain from inserting new clauses. We are in the period of discussion in the Committee where we insert new clauses, some of merit and some of less merit. This clause is certainly among the least probable results of the treaty process.

Yep. He thinks it is not really probable and thus we ought not to bother defending the freedoms absolutely. What a wanker.

Not only is he a total wanker, but he is also an uninformed cunt-biscuit; if only Lord Williamson bothered to read The Kitchen (or, indeed, The Telegraph), Lord Williamson might have been aware of the Council Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia.

So what was that again, Lord Williamson? Here's Lord Williamson...
The suggestion here that an offence will be created does not seem to me among the more probable events which may result from the ratification of the treaty of Lisbon.

... and here's the Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia [PDF].

And, once again, here's Lord Williamson...
The suggestion here that an offence will be created does not seem to me among the more probable events which may result from the ratification of the treaty of Lisbon.

... and here's the Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia [PDF].

Do you see what I did there?


leg-iron said…
I'm getting a 'page not found' on that PDF.

Doesn't matter too much - the point is still visible. There's only one reason anyone would oppose making a particular freedom clear.
Devil's Kitchen said…
Sorry, fixed that link.

leg-iron said…
Thnaks, DK

The whole article looks like a load of utter bollocks, as most EU directives seem to be. 'Incitement to violence'is already illegal, with good reason, but this EU blabbering means we can be accused of that if we say, in the heat of argument, anything that could vaguely be construed as 'racist'.

As we know, almost anything can be. Including the recent case in north Wales where an Irishman was convicted of racism for calling a Welsh woman an 'English bitch'. If he'd called her a 'rancid, purulent, scabrous haemorrhoid in a geriatric whore's overstretched anus' he'd have been fine - but because he used one of the terrible Racial Words he was hauled off to court. And convicted. What he needs is more imagination in his insults, I think.

More recently, the case of the motorist who was grabbed by the rozzers because he displayed an English flag in his car in - of all places - England. He was told it might offend minorities. It was a testament to English reserve that he didn't reply 'Fuck them'. Lucky for him, he didn't.

Soon, he'd be up for 'inciting racial hatred'. By showing the flag of his homeland, in his homeland. Doesn't anyone in government see something wrong here?

The Scots posters who insult the English here and on other forums, and vice versa, will soon have committed a crime. The crime of having an opinion. An opinion I might not share, but an opinion they used to be entitled to hold.

We won't be able to comment on the rantings of Nadine Dorries any more because those are religious convictions and we can't criticise them. Likewise suicide bombers, Israel/Palestine conflicts and the Westboro Baptist Church. All untouchable. Not that you'd want to.

Heck, we can't even laugh at flat-earthers any more.

Part 5b caught my eye.

"Descent" refers mainly to persons or groups of persons who descend from persons who
could be identified by certain characteristics (such as race or colour), but not necessarily all
of these characteristics still exist.

I have Italian ancestry. I've never been to Italy, nor have my parents or theirs. So, if someone calls me 'greasy wop' I can now sue? How insane is that? How far back does 'descent' go? Australopithecus? Amoeba, maybe? Primordial slime? In which case, we're all the same and there is no 'race' and therefore there can be no racism. I'd love to see that tried in court. It's in the EU directive, after all.

Lord Pearson, in the unlikely event you read this - stick to your guns. We have enough stupid laws. We don't need more.

Lord Williamson of Horton - I hope your life is extended by many years so that you can enjoy a slow, painful and lingering death.

I prefer to avoid profanity, but Lord Williamson, you are a cunt. One of the fishiest and least washed of cunts. With five acres of brambles surrounding it, and teeth inside, you are the least attractive cunt on the face of this, or any, planet.

Take your time dying.
IanPJ said…
So, another decision maker who hasn't bothered to read the Treaty.

European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Charlie McCreevy, said today he had not read the Lisbon Treaty and wouldn’t expect ordinary voters to do so either.

We are indeed led by the blind...
Chalcedon said…
Leg Iron, when were the English a race of mankind? We are the same race as the Welsh, Irish etc and the rest of the indigenous Europeans. This daft law is exactly that. Daft!

Xenophobia...........just clain it's a mental condition, which technically a phobia is, and claim you are being discriminated against on medical reasons should anyone ever accuse you.

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