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Help needed

I know that there have been a number of court cases in the last year or so, centred around the liability of those running internet forums; for instance, was there not a case in which the owner of a forum was forced to find and reveal the real names of a couple of people posting on his forum?

I need to find some accounts of these and forward them onto my new boss, so I would be very grateful—yes, even to the extent of buying beers—to anyone who can help me find documents relating to these judgements.



Harry Haddock said…

IIRC, one of these involved the Mansfield Town supporters forum,, and either their local piss-ant Labour MP, or the owner Haslam, I can't remember which.

If you contact Stagsnet, they should be able to fill you in on the details.

I hereby claim my pint.
Zappa88 said…
Hi DK,
try the case of
Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Ltd and others v Hargreaves [2007] EWHC 2375 (QB)

I can send you a PDF of the transcript through the LPUK forum if you wish.
Half The Story said…

Mumsnet and Gina Ford.
Devil's Kitchen said…

Please. Alternatively, email it to me (the address is in the top of the sidebar).

Zappa88 said…
Already did. Twice (accidently).
Anonymous said…

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