Thursday, April 10, 2008

What kind of person...?

Dizzy has picked up on the latest totally fucking stupid waste of IT budgets by our fuckwit, lackwit government.
It would appear that DirectGov have launched a new service whereby you can watch Government campaigns videos on your mobile.
Text 'VIDEO' to 64746 to download and share Directgov videos on your mobile. Standard network rates apply

Apparently you will be able to get videos such as "DVLA – Car Tax Evasion Campaign". Honestly, I'm deadly serious.

Now tell me this. What sort of person is going to pay to text the Government and then pay network rates on top to watch a video telling them that is naughty to evade paying road tax?

What kind of person indeed. I bet I know someone who would do this kind of crap.

Ed Balls.

The cunt.


Roger Thornhill said...

Stuff it on Youtube. Sorted.

But then again Ed is not spending his own money and if he does not spend all the budget...

Henry Crun said...

I fucking despair, I really do.

Not a sheep said...

Nobody will watch it other than the sort of Labour apparatchiks who think they are "down with da youf". This is simply a way of spending our money on pretty baubles...

Anonymous said...

i saw one on the bbc website - advice on binge drinking - download short film and advice to your mobile - BBC Wales project to promote safe drinking - what kind of young person would pay 50p to watch a govt information film??
*bites lip*

Shug Niggurath said...

I'll look forward to the FOI releasing the usage stats and costs next year.

Except by then it'll probably cost 50p a minute to download them to my phone.