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Keeping the torch burning

A number of people seem to have got extremely excited about the recent shenanigans surrounding the procession of the Olympic Torch through London. I haven't heard many people threatening not to buy Chinese goods, mind you; a fact that underlines the irrelevance of the Olympics: people can happily protest against them without any cost to themselves.

Having said that, the presence of numerous blue-suited Chinese security personnel does seem to have added an unusually sinister aspect to the proceedings. Amusingly, they have provided the perfect opportunity to expose Red Ken as a lying bastard, as Londonist reports.
Well, a Metropolitan police authority report has revealed that said security presence cost a whopping £750,000. And while it’s not Londonist’s style to bluster about taxpayer’s money and wotnot, according to Lib Dem mayoral candidate Brian Paddick, the very same Chinese torch escorts that Ken Livingstone chided as "thugs" and denied association with afterwards, were actually authorised as part of a Greater London Authority agreement with Chinese officials.

Paddick said:
The MPA report makes it quite clear, in direct contradiction to what Livingstone has told us, that the Chinese security guards were part of the legal contract between the GLA and the Chinese authorities.

For the Mayor to say he knew nothing about it—and would not have allowed it—is simply not true.

Whilst "politician lies like a lying fucking bastard" is hardly the most surprising news in the world, it is good to see Red Ken's untruths so neatly laid out.

Oh, and £750,000 for all of the police—will we just be adding that to the cost of 2012, or what?


thomas said…
During the 1968 recording sessions for The Beatles (also referred to as the White Album), Harrison began working on a song that eventually became known as "Something." Initially based on the James Taylor song "Something In The Way She Moves," the song's first lyrics ("Something in the way she moves/Attracts me like no other lover.") were used as filler while the melody was being developed.[1] Indeed, Harrison's song is occasionally mistakenly referred to as "Something In the Way She Moves."
Sir Henry Morgan said…
Better get used to foreigners policing us. Eurogendfor is on its way.
JuliaM said…
"..they have provided the perfect opportunity to expose Red Ken as a lying bastard"

Surely you meant 'they have provided yet another perfect opportunity to expose Red Ken as a lying bastard'...?
xoggoth said…
It never seemed credible they were not authorised.

Re boycott, heard this covered the other day on a radio prog. Problem with boycotting Chinese goods is that their market penetration is so high in clothing and many other sectors at the lower cost end of the market, it is pretty hard to do so without spending a lot more money.
£750,000 looks pretty small compared to the £4.5 billion 'miscalculation' announced in the media yesterday.

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