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As we all know, from Burning Our Money if nowhere else, the Gershon cuts have been less than effective. And now this little nugget reaches your humble Devil, from a source who is in a position to know (you will have to take my word for this, I'm afraid).
They made so many people redundant [from the Treasury] that there aren't people to do stuff that's needed.

Including the changes for the 10p u-turn from Gordo.

They needed someone to make a change to the tax credits database not long ago and found they'd laid off all the developers with the clearance needed to edit the database.

But, really, the state is your friend and is absolutely the best entity for ensuring effectiveness throughout our society.

The above was sarcasm, by the way; if you believe any of that you are a despicable idiot who should go and drown themselves in a small pond.


Roger Thornhill said…
So those in the tax credit system are, in effect, locked in and they have thrown away (sacked) the key!

Richard said…
This is what I keep saying about the government; they're incapable of finding the "happy medium". Either social services are criminally negligent in cases of abuse, OR they take hundreds of kids away from their families and traumatise them for life on the basis of no evidence. Same here; either they provide hundreds of sinecures for incompetent nobodies, OR they sack anyone who knows what he's doing (see: Ray Mallon).
Peter S. said…
Ray Mallon?

Anybody else remember him buying information with heroin on Teeside in the '80s?

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