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Porritt: twit

Jonathon Porritt: flavours his cock by shoving organic pot pourri under his foreskin. Probably.

I have frequently pointed out that Eton actually has some very rigourous entrance exams. However, these exams have become far harder over the last few decades for, as more and more people have become able to afford the fees, there has been ever-greater demand.

This idea is backed up by the fact that some decades ago, Jonathon Porritt was able to gain entrance to the Old Coll, depite the fact that he is a clueless wanker of the very first water.
The surreal sight of Boris on the TV castigating Ken for his “lack of environmental vision” was almost too much to cope with. So I just hope all the environmental NGOs can rally the troops in London in a pro-Ken campaign, even if they can’t come out and explicitly endorse him.

Absolutely; the Green NGOs cannot support Ken, or anyone else, because that would be political campaigning and therefore illegal. At the same time, I would really love the NGOs to do precisely that.

Then we can have the Charities Commission shut them down, the evil little bastards.

But, as Timmy points out, Porritt's next assertion is just a load of pig-ignorant crap and the fucker should be beaten through the streets of London until he has acknowledged this.
Wouldn’t it be great, just once, to hear a senior Labour Politician (other than Ken) enthusing in similar terms about the hundreds of thousands of real jobs that would be created were we ever to get serious about energy efficiency?

Wouldn’t it be great, just once, to hear a senior Greenie admitting that the "creation" of hundreds of thousands of jobs is a cost, not a benefit of such schemes?

Or is such basic economics beyond their fevered imaginations?

Of course it is: if one thing characterises the Green movement, it is a total lack of understanding of basic economics (another trait is a tendency towards authoritarianism, but then that's hardly surprising).

Jonathon Porritt is an utter fuckwit, who should be beaten to death with an organic aubergine (the most evil of all vegetables) and a copy of The Wealth of Nations.

And I'm not concerned about which instrument deals the killing blow: what I do know is that Porritt's demise would be a public good.


Anonymous said…
A better idea would be to shove an organic squash up his arse and then poke his eyes out with a couple of home grown carrots

Robert the Biker
Auntie Flo' said…
wasn't Porritt involved with the Earth Centre in Cornwall - and environmental theme park which was supposed to be a model of sustainability?

I believe the Earth Centre proved to be unsustainable and went bust. Didn't it flood too?
Pogo said…
I rather like aubergines...

But you're right, Porrit is a complete cunt.
He spells his name JonathOn; that tells you all you need to know
Henry Crun said…
Auntie Flo, I think you are confusing the Eden Porject with the Earth Centre.

The Earth Centre used to be in Doncaster and was an unmitigated disaster and total waste of taxpayers money.

By the way, are you Ian Anderson's Auntie Flo in Blackpool?
Henry Crun said…

Aubergine is v.nice dipped in a light batter and fried, served with egg fried rice and a sweet and sour sauce. Yum
Auntie Flo' said…
Henry Crun said...
Auntie Flo, I think you are confusing the Eden Porject with the Earth Centre...

Thank you for correcting me, Henry.

I presume you mean the Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull? No, I'm not his Auntie Flo. Is he still alive? Ian Anderson's slightly older than me, Henry :)
John Trenchard said…
i wrote about Mr Porritt over here

he's up to his neck in the EU-funded common purpose gravy train...
dr cromarty said…
Ian Anderson is alive and well and runs a successful smoked salmon outfit near Granton-on-Spey

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