Friday, March 07, 2008

Ikea is "Swedish Imperialism"

Timmy reports that Denmark are accusing Ikea of "Swedish Imperialism".

Which gives me a much-wanted chance to post this amusing WoW video version of one of my favourite Mitch Benn songs, about Ikea.

Everybody sing it—"IKEEEE-AAAAH! We're conquering the world with our self-assembly flat-pack furnituoooor!"

And mention of Mitch Benn allows me to post this classic parody: Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now...

Plenty more Mitch Benn on YouTube...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This accusation Ikea of Swedish Imperialism brought back memories of some lousy arguments about the French and McDonald's, or about globalisatoin as American Imperialism - there are some really good ones, but most sound like petty whining from a wimp who has been left behind. Go and invent something to take over the world if you can!

Love the videos though. Thanks.