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Driven to distraction

My, look at all those files that you absolutely cannot share with the Western Digital 1TB My Book World Edition.
(Click the image for a larger look at all those files that you absolutely cannot share with the Western Digital 1TB My Book World Edition.)

I have seen an advert for PC World tonight, in which they promote Wi-Fi networking. One of the products that they are advertising is the Western Digital 1 Terabyte My Book World Edition.

I feel that I should remind you all that Western Digital has crippled this drive so that it will not share certain types of files.

Here, as supplied by The Register, is the list of files that it will not share. You will note that the 35 file formats not supported include MP3, MP4, AAC, AIFF, AVI, DivX, WMV, WMA, OGG, and QuickTime.

Unless you don't want to share... well... any files that an ordinary person might want to share, do not buy this drive.

This has been a public service announcement from your humble Devil.


randian said…
I know the MPAA and RIAA, and their European equivalents, would like nothing more than to cripple all computer hardware. The question is, what do the computer manufacturers get for it? Since crippling your hardware doesn't endear it to your customers, unless you're getting millions of dollars in subsidy I don't understand why you'd do that.
Dan said…
On the plus side, they are blocking .kar sharing. I shall purchase one immediately for my Uncle. Hopefully this will mean the next time Aunty Eunice gets wrecked on three sherrys, she will NOT be able to perform her (unique) interpretation of Marie Osmond's Paper Roses by streaming the audio to the sitting room stereo. We are blessed.
Chris said…
although by the look of things if you rename .mp3 to .shareme then you would be able to share?
Tito said…
How does it tell? My music collection is in FLAC and OGG, but my files aren't .flac and .ogg
They are all extensionless.
silas said…
There's also a "how to" guide here

that gets around some of the limitations. Not ideal, and not exactly aimed at average the home user though.

Lizzie Barrett said…
Mine seems to share everything. Which resulted in my dad finding my porn collection, but c'est la vie.
Kay Tie said…
I wrote to WD about this. I hit a nerve based on the reply I got back from their marketing droids.

They pointed out that it's not the sharing over WiFi that is restricted, but the (almost certainly shonky) software that lets you access the drive while on the road. Doesn't get them off the hook, IMHO, and is a tacit admission to the RIAA that they are partially liable for copyright infringement.

I still won't be buying WD products.

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