Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Direct Democracy

Here's Douglas Carswell MP making the case for Direct Democracy and, in the process, elegantly proving that not all politicians are stupid, greedy, power-hungry scum.

Here's my favourite quote, given how I harp on about the infantilisation of the population of this country.
"People, when treated as mature, sensible adults, generally behave like mature, sensible adults."

I was on 18 Doughty Street with Carswell at one point, and we shared a taxi back to South London; he's a sensible and intelligent chap...


Spent Copper said...

Yep, I agree Devil, not much to disagree with there. Carswell comes across as one of the 'Good Guys'. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Francis Maude where I live. Direct Democracy is something which the EU would fight tooth and nail I suspect; not bad a recommendation in its self really.

Bag said...

Sounds like he should be one of your guys and not one of Daves. Is he planning a move?