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Patch's Barred!

More please!

A correspondent has sent the following message, with photo attached.
I doubt that Darling will ever venture down to a North Dorset cricket club bar but if he does...

Excellent! After all, as I always say, it's the thought that counts.

Although, obviously, causing actual discomfiture to Darling would also be entertaining.

This campaign also highlights another important fact—one that has been attacked with the smoking ban. That fact is that pubs are private property and, consequently, they can ban anyone for any reason that they like.

Think of it not merely as a small-minded campaign to cause irritation to an unpleasant little man, but as part of a wider and nobler campaign to reassert those private property rights that this deeply unpleasant government has undermined.

I shall be in St Stephen's Tavern, opposite the Houses of Parliament, on Saturday: I wonder if I could persuade them to put one up...?


Anonymous said…
One of these posters right next door to Westminster - most excellent!
Dom said…
There are three pubs in Lincoln which, thanks to my tireless campaigning, have also instituted the ban (there would have been more but I ran out of fucking ink when I was printing the posters). I'll get some pics tonight.
What's the news, Dom? Which pubs - we are getting a few now!

Dom said…
There's The Jolly Brewer for definite, the landlady was falling over herself to get the poster up last night (I did get a photo but it's a little blurry)! The other two are The Tap & Spile and The Horse & Groom although I only spoke to staff members rather than management in those establishments so I can't really say for definite. I ended up not going out tonight so there are no pics but I'll take a trip into town and do some progress chasing tomorrow afternoon/early evening.
Also, I'm out in Nottingham next Friday night and Sheffield on the Saturday. I'll be taking plenty of posters out with me!

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