Monday, February 18, 2008

Roll up for the Roundup!

There seem to be endless roundups of simply thrilling blog posts throughout the 'sphere these days.

However, should you not already have done so, you should visit the poor, little Greek boy's Britblog Roundup. You may also care to drop in on ThunderDragon's Weekly Blog Posts Roundup and the Scottish Blogs Roundup.

There's some god stuff in all of them although, of course, if you have time to read everything there you are probably either a student or jobless...



Ms Robinson said...

You are nominated for beautiful bloggers I see..perhaps I should reveal the whole Ms R but that would be no fun.

EmmaK said...

Ooh devil, you are certainly a looker. I have nominated Ms R. Maybe when the results come out you and Ms R will end up on top of each other ;)

Anonymous said...

"--should you not already of done so---"

Christ !! Educational standards really are shit.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Quite right! Duly corrected.


Why thank you. I had spotted you there too, for you're no Gorgon yourself...

Ms R,

Perhaps you should reveal a new bit every month?


Chertiozhnik said...

Then why drink at all?