Thursday, February 14, 2008

President of fuck-off

With all this speculation about Blair being a candidate for President of the EU, it's worth revisiting this video, cited by the Indepdendent's Open House, of Farage taking him apart in the European Parliament.

Blair would probably make a very good President of the EU; he always seemed to care more for the interests of that bastard organisation than he did for the needs of those who voted him in.

Marvellous stuff: and watch out for that shit-eating grin from Blair...


Unsworth said...

Excellent. Nice to see Blair getting a smack.

'Course it won't deflect the 'Blair for President' juggernaut for one moment.

I'm seriously thinking that the only answer is cold steel.

Colleen said...


Anonymous said...

Vote UKIP - Farage can fuck over any shithead politician by telling it like it is about the EU. The cunts may be averse to the truth, but they can't hide from it for ever.

Being a lying,schemeing piece of shit that does not give a fuck for democracy Blair will fit in well with the EU - he can even spend some 'qaulity time' with his old bum chum Mandy.

Mr. Hughes said...

You know, it's a curious thing, but many born-again Christians believe that the AntiChrist, prophesied to appear just before the apocalypse, will come in the form of a new international 'leader', quite possibly of Europe, claiming to spread peace, prosperity and democracy but actually readying himself to eat our souls. At the same time according to the ancient Maya, who were pretty hot on these things, the present great world-cycle is due to end in 2012, when the apocalypse will duly occur. Now I am no born-again Christian....but, still! 2012 would be just about right for Blair to become 'president', too. The idea of Blair as AntiChrist?....surely too way out?
But just have a look at his peculiar face again and that horrible rictus grin of his. And he's just joined the Catholic Church, which also fits.
Hmmmmm. It's all a bit uncanny, don't you think?
Mr. Hughes.

Antipholus Papps said...

I'm with Mr Hughes - Tony Blair is Damien Thorn.

Anonymous said...

About 1.30 in...Farage is talking about the budget not being signed off in 11 years - do I hear someone shouting "Racist!" in the background?!