Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Join the dots

Tony Blair is fast becoming one the the highest earners in the country, the Daily Mail reports on his latest lucrative job as an adviser, I just wonder where he got his useful knowledge that he will use to advise these big businesses? This move was setup by the mysterious Lord Leitch:
"Less than a year after Labour first won power in 1997, Sandy Leitch was invited to No10 for breakfast with other business leaders. He went on to run several Labour projects, becoming one of Mr Blair's most trusted business advisers. His reward came in 2004 - the same year he left Zurich - when he was made a Labour peer, becoming Baron Leitch of Oakley in Fife. The multi-millionaire entrepreneur, who is now chairman of Scottish Widows, was introduced into the Lords by Mr Blair's chief fundraiser, Lord Levy. But Lord Leitch, 60, has maintained links with Gordon Brown's government, donating £5,000 last year to his leadership campaign."

Lord Leitch recently conducted a review of the small topic of 'skills' which can be read in full here, one wonders how anyone can be qualified or intelligent enough to review all generic workforce 'skills' and then decide how the whole country's skills should move forward. One could say that it was another example of top down intervention in something that should not be directly meddled with by a government, even if that government could be assumed to have good intentions.

One wonders why the government doesn't concentrate on the basics such as literacy, numeracy and good bread and butter qualifications? In health care the 'Skills for Health' scheme must have cost a lot of money but doesn't appear to be something that will improve standards, rather the opposite in fact. Personally I find the increasing grip of government and big business on education and training to be of great concern, as many of our country's success stories in this area have been due to the relative independence of various educational institutions. Am I just a paranoid fool or is there something to be concerned about here?


The Wild Man of the Highlands said...

I'm sure the good lord's name has a typographical error.

Surely, LEECH?

JuliaM said...

"Personally I find the increasing grip of government and big business on education and training to be of great concern..."

You'd think it would be safe in the hands of business, at least. But they don't seem to be getting the workforce they need out of it, either...

Robin said...

Scottish Widows is rubbish. I`ve cancelled a policy of theirs because it`s nearly halved the value of the amount I put in it.

lettersfromatory said...

It's not exactly surprising, seeing as the government getting businesses to run education can save them a lot of money and effort. It's shocking and it's being done away from the glare of the media.

Roger Thornhill said...

It is not just government and big business, Dr of the Ath, but that it is Government in cooperation with "big business" that is the issue.

Corporatism. Ghastly.