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The eye of the beholder...

Friday night: Before things went weird, believe it or not. FEAR MY BEAUTY!

Here's Mr Angry complaining about crap tramps. No, really, he is: I'm just quoting a bit of it in order to dovetail into something else entirely.
There was lady at the next table dining alone, and she kept looking at me. This is not unusual. It is a cross that I have learned to bear with little complaint. If looking at me helps women get through the day, then so be it. It is nice to know I can do my bit for the happiness of the world just by looking pretty.

I can sympathise, Angry, really I can.

On a related note, Dr Crippen is taking nominations for beautiful bloggers*. Your humble Devil is in the running. Netch'relly.

See what I did there?

UPDATE: your humble Devil came fourth, under a given name of Mr Debonnaire...

* I particularly like the picture of Iain Dale: he looks as though he might be demonstrating how to check your breasts for lumps...


Iain Dale said…
Hmmm. Sounds unlikely... :)
Ed said…
Not much competition there Mr DK!
Rob said…
You look, kind of... well as I imagined... very odd.

There's an element of 1980's new romantic about that picture.
EmmaK said…
I've been crying my eyes out that I only came third. Pipped to the post by a lady wearing a toilet plunger!

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