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Piss off, Miss Benn

This story about Tony Benn's granddaughter standing for Parliament is just fucking stupid.
The 17-year-old granddaughter of Labour veteran Tony Benn is to contest a seat in the next general election.

A-level student Emily Benn, who turns 18 next month, has been chosen as the party's candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham, in West Sussex.

If elected, she would be the fifth generation from her family to enter Parliament, and the youngest MP ever.

The minimum age at which a person can stand for Parliament was lowered from 21 to 18 last year.
What the fuck? Look, at the age of 30, I am pretty sure that I know what I believe in, but I have undergone a substantial change in the last few years. I was hardly ignorant, but I have learned an awful lot about politics, economics and history which has expanded my understanding; I have picked up figures and the best places to find others. I have raged and I have been corrected; I have entered debate and been educated.

What makes this little shi…

Climate Cuttings #11

Well, it's that time again, when I visit Bishop Hill and bring back the precious casket containing this week's round-up of the cant, obfuscation and lies centred around the anthropogenic global warming issue.

Do go and read the whole thing but, as usual, here are a few choice cuts.
Global warming sceptics are soon to be non-persons. The Wikipedia list of those opposing the hysterical outlook on the planet's climate has been flagged for deletion. Perhaps it was getting too long?
Got to love that willingness to debate that these AGW-nuts have, eh? The thing is that so much of their faith in AGW is based on these wonderfully reliable computer models. And because "computer" is mentioned, those models have got to be right, eh?
A group of Italian scientists compared 19 climate models used in the IPCC's 4th report. The outputs are apparently entirely inconsistent with each other, thus confirming the view that climate models are currently, and possibly inherently, unreli…

Imagine all the people...

Unlike some, I have no problem with what Ms* Warsi said, on the grounds that she is absolutely correct.
But Lady Warsi - who was nominated for a peerage earlier this year when party leader David Cameron promoted her to a seat in the shadow cabinet - told the BBC she stood by her comments.

"To suggest I am some sort of apologist for the British National Party is ludicrous.

"You only have to go on their websites and look at their leaflets. I am one of their most hated figures," said Lady Warsi.

"I was talking about people who have been duped into voting for the British National Party because they feel that some of the concerns they are wanting to talk about are not being dealt with by the mainstream political parties."
Rightly or wrongly, people are concerned about immigration and people are voting for the BNP for this reason. The BNP garnered more votes in the recent by-elections than UKIP, for fuck's sake; if people wanted to use a protest vote, there are many …

Muppet party policy

The amount of hot air that is emerging from No 10 these days adds weight to the argument for tapping this potent geothermal energy source to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels. Luckily for us Gordon Brown is a non-renewable energy source and we will not have to put up with his guff forever. The latest Brown turd burger comes in the form of 'engaging the public' with citizens' juries on a variety of policies such as health and education.

Even Baldrick and his turnip could come up with something more effective than Brown's pathetic pretence at listening. A citizens' jury is a small group, hand picked by government, that is given a few hours to listen to 'independent' evidence and then make a decision about a complicated area of policy. The flaws in this sham are glaring:

Are the members of the citizens' jury representative of their community? No, they are hand picked by the government departments.

Are the members of the jury expert or educated in t…

Another Award

Well, the awards are coming in thick and fast now, as KatesHome declares your humble Devil the winner in a new category.
Best Sustained Campaign of Hatred:
Devil's Kitchen (victim: Everyone)
Hamer Shawcross (victim: Question Time)
Well, I'm in good company there.

Still, I don't like to think of what I do as a campaign of hatred; I like to think that the category should have read "Best Sustained Campaign Of Helping The Deluded Towards Wisdom". That phrasing sounds more charitable and... well... fluffy...

Still, my favourite award category went to a throughly deserving winner.
The Alice Tinker Award for Incomprehensibility:
Nadine Dorries
Now that woman really is as mad as a box of frogs...

Thought crime and liberty

What the fuck is going on in this country? Seriously? There is no question that the law is being used to enforce thought, and that is entirely wrong.

Via The Nation Of Shopkeepers, whose little quiz is well worth taking, we find that someone opposed to a second travellers' camp in his local area is being sued by the Commission for Racial Thought Crimes Equality.
A man says he is "gobsmacked" he faces action under race relations laws for starting a petition opposing a travellers' site in Swansea.

Carl Lewis collected 953 signatures for the petition while standing as a candidate in a council by-election.

The Commission for Race Equality (CRE) in Wales said it had instructed lawyers to start proceedings against him.
Now, I'd just like to send a message to the CRE: FUCK YOU, YOU BUNCH OF CUNTS.
But Mr Lewis, who runs a recruiting business from his home in Llansamlet, denied he was racist or prejudiced against travellers.

"I'm gobsmacked," he said.

"This pe…

Like Newcastle United...

Iain Dale has finally published the list of the Top 500 UK Political bloggers as voted for by readers and bloggers alike, i.e. you, the viewing public.

Thanks to everyone who voted for The Kitchen and put us in at #6. And, once again, thanks to all the contributors to The Kitchen, who help to make it the sweary place that it is. As your humble Devil approaches his third year of blogging, he can only hope that he will maintain his place in next year's roundup: how could I possibly beat those in slots 1 to 5 (barring some... er... accident befalling them)?

What amused me most, however, was that Iain compared your humble Devil to Newcastle United FC.
There are four blogs who, in terms of influence and traffic, are way ahead of the others – Guido Fawkes, ConservativeHome, Iain Dale’s Diary and They are, if you like, the Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal of the UK blogging fraternity. You then have a few teams who might challenge in a good year – Dizz…
As you might observe, your humble Devil is now running MessageSpace Adverts. If they prove to be revenue-low and if they slow the loading of the site down, then I may abolish them.

However, I hope that they might bring in a big of cash, and you surely wouldn't begudge your humble Devil a few pennies for entertaining you day after day, would you?

Tories to abolish Inheritance Tax

In a move that will no doubt have various Lefties squealing, the Taxpayers' Alliance are reporting that George Osborne will announce that the Tories will abolish Inheritance Tax. Well, mostly, anyway.
The TPA has just been told by a high-level source that George Osborne will commit the Conservatives to abolishing inheritance tax in his speech at the Party Conference on Monday. This is great news. The TPA has long argued that inheritance tax is unfair, unpopular and unecessary and so we warmly welcome its abolition.

The plans as put forward by the Economic Competitiveness policy group and the Tax Reform Commission do envisage inheritance tax being replaced by a short-term capital gains tax, which would taper to zero after ten years and from which the main family home would be exempt. This does mean that some assets held for less than ten years will still face a tax on death, but according to the Tax Reform Commission, far less revenue would be raised under this system than from inher…
Leaping from one false consensus to another, readers may recall that, back in April, your humble Devil wrote an article on how prions may not be the infectious agent for BSE/CJD (mirrored at Nourishing Obscurity—which is also where I was reminded of it).

I decided to get in touch with Dr Manuelidis: she responded very quickly and kindly sent me the original paper, which appeared in The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 9999:1–19 (2006). I am now printing the paper out for my bedtime reading and I shall be posting more on this topic in due course but, at first glance, the abstract is extremely compelling.

An Inconvenient Truth is about as truthful as a Michael Moore documentary...

... That is to say, not at all. Now Al Gore's pack of fucking lies is to be distributed to brainwash every kid in the country. One man is fighting back valiantly, but losing.
A parent is urging a judge to reconsider a ruling that the government did not break the law when it sent schools copies of a film by Al Gore.

Stuart Dimmock, a father from Kent and a member of the New Party, is at London's High Court.

In late July, a judge there ruled that the decision to send the climate change film "An Inconvenient Truth" to England's secondary schools was lawful.

Mr Dimmock had argued that circulating the film amounted to indoctrination.
It is indoctrination. At worst, An Inconvenient Truth is a pack of lies; at best it is presenting a flawed and highly biased point of view. The unproven theories that it presses are the same unproven opinions as those of the government and thus for the government to send it out is, quite obviously, an act of propaganda.
But the judge, Mr Justic…

Have a go: be a hero

Jack Straw will, in his speech today, announce a policy that I can actually get close to agreeing with: an overhaul of the self-defence laws.
The law protecting people who intervene in criminal situations is to be urgently reviewed, Justice Secretary Jack Straw is to announce.

He will say self-defence law works "much better than most people think, but not as well as it could or should".

Mr Straw wants to reassure victims or witnesses in England and Wales that they can use reasonable force to stop and detain offenders.
Well, that's just lovely. And what dictates reasonable force? Isn't that rather the problem? If someone breaks into my house, I might think that punching him to the ground and then clubbing him unconscious with a pool cue is reasonable force: unfortunately, I don't think that the law does, unless the burglar's first done the same to me.

However, if it allows people to hold thugs for arrest, without the little scrotes claiming that "you are infri…
How true this is...
One of the great pre-requisites for being in favour of the European Union, it seems, is knowing little or nothing about how it works.
Go and read the whole thing, which outlines how MEPs don't even seem to know how it works or where, indeed, the safety regulations came from in the first place...

The Gobblin' Lothario

It seems that Polly is not the only woman who gets all wet between the legs when thinking about our Cyclopean PM...
Tony Blair may have flirted outrageously and Bill Clinton may have mesmerised with his louche charisma.

But when it comes to turning grown women into stammering jellies, Gordon Brown, it appears, is your man.

Mariella Frostrup, not normally known as a pushover, seemed to come over all unnecessary when she hosted a question-and-answer session with the prime minister at the Labour conference.
Gosh, does that mean that she gave him an easy ride? As it were...
You might think she would have become immune to the PM's entirely unintentional charms by now - after all, she is a family friend.
Ah, right.

Tom Wise in the EP

Here is the transcript of Tom Wise's speech in the European Parliament—published under Parliamentary privilege—courtesy of England Expects.
When the EU talks of a 'Common Foreign Policy' on energy, you need to be aware
of exactly who you propose to do business with.

President Putin is on record as saying: "The Commission should be under no illusions, if it wants to buy Russian gas; it has to deal with the Russian state".
Gazprom is not a private company; it is a state controlled tool of Russian foreign policy.

It is, moreover, in the hands of Putin's political henchmen, and allegedly organised crime.

Take for example Alisher Usmanov. This gentleman, the son of a Communist apparatchik, is chairman of Gazprom Invest Holdings, the group that handles Gazprom's business activities outside Russia. He is the man you will be dealing with. He is the man who cuts off gas supplies if client states dare to question Gazprom's demands.

Allegedly a gangster and racketeer, …
Via Guido, I can barely contain my wild excitement! In fact, I'm so excited and I just can't hide it; I think I'm going to lose control and I think I like it!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Batshit is back—and this time, he's got company! Fucking hell, it's the A Team of FCO blogging. How will we inarticulate bastards cope now that this eloquent visionary is back—back to eclipse our own poor efforts?

Have you silly fuckers learned nothing?

When commenting on the absolute and total fuck-up that is Zimbabwe, it is tempting to focus on Mugabe alone; this would be unwise, since there is no shortage of absolute fucking lunatics in the Zimbabwe government. The latest news makes one wonder if they are merely corrupt or whether they are actually clinically insane.
The Zimbabwean parliament has passed a bill to move majority control of foreign-owned companies operating in the country to black Zimbabweans.

The goal is to ensure at least a 51% shareholding by indigenous black people in the majority of businesses.
Have you fuckers completely lost your minds?
The bill completes a process that began with the controversial seizure of white-owned farms starting in 1999.
Yes, and that process is the utter destruction of Zimbabwe as a functioning economy or even a functioning nation. Have you stupid bastards learned nothing? You seized the "white" farms and that has led to bad or non-existant crop yields, sanctions and, ultimately s…

Harriet Harman admits that she is an ignorant racist

Yesterday, Harriet Harman stood up and admitted that she was a racist.
Labour wants to change the law to allow all-black shortlists in constituencies with high ethnic-minority populations.

Deputy leader Harriet Harman said the highly controversial measure was needed to increase the number of minority MPs.
Look, you fucking little bitch, an all-black shortlist is racist, OK? Positive discrimination based purely on the colour of someone's skin is exactly as racist as negative discrimination on the same grounds.

What we want, you silly cow, is the very best, most capable people selected to be candidates: these people are going to be running the country, not standing about looking pretty. This isn't some unimportant bloody parade, you dolt; this is about who is going to be weilding the whip over the people of this country.

Now, if minorities feel that the only way in which they can get proper representation is to be represented by an ethnic minority candidate—in itself, a racist attitu…

Earliest political memory

Shane Greer has tagged me with this meme, so I suppose that I ought to indulge (although I doubt that I can match his harrowing recollection). Like Caroline Hunt, I have been surrounded by politics, mainly in the form of my father's Telegraph-induced exasperated breakfast rantings—obviously a family tradition which your humble Devil is merely keeping alive in a more permanent medium. Coupled with my drink- and drug-diminished brain, all this makes it difficult to distinguish any political memories at all.

As such, I suppose that the one that I best recall was during the 1992 election. Having watched a couple of hours of coverage we retired to bed, my father muttering that "there was absolutely no point in staying up to watch that ghastly turd, Kinnock, win."

Imagine my surprise (and confusion) then when—at some ungodly hour of the morning, maybe 5 or so—my door burst open and my father rushed in, clad in pyjamas and dressing gown, punching the air and yelling, "We won…

At least let them have a point on their sticks...

Twenty Major is a little incensed about some recent crime in Merry Ald OirelandTM.
Meanwhile the inquest goes on into the shooting of two robbers in Lusk a couple of years back. What happened there was armed robbers tried to rob a post office and armed police shot them dead. And for some reason there’s an inquiry into this.

My take is this - If you are armed and about to use your arms to commit a robbery you then put yourself in a position where shooting you is perfectly acceptable. If you have a gun we can only assume you’re willing to use that gun and the best way to make sure you use that gun is to shoot you. In the face, probably. Can’t have an open coffin? Boo fucking hoo.

Now, the thing is the Garda that trailed that stolen car had no weapon beyond a truncheon and the criminals have all kinds of weapons. Honestly, to them it’s like a Grand Theft Auto game where they pick up shotguns, Magnums and rocket launchers as they go around the place being criminals. And the Gardai have stick…

Tevor Phillips is a stupid, ignorant, dangerous cunt

Trevor Phillips has proposed that British history is not debased and biased against our achievements enough. He is a lackwit fuckwit cunt who should find the nearest river and drown himself in it.
British history should be rewritten to make it "more inclusive", says Trevor Phillips, the head of the new human rights and equality commission.
New? Oh, right, it's not the Commission for Racial Equality anymore. The new agency does, however, appear to be made up of exactly the same evil little turds, just on (I would imagine) much higher salaries.
He said Muslims were also part of the national story and "sometimes we have to go back into the tapestry and insert some threads that were lost".
Ah, or rewrite history to make it rather more palatable to your delicate senses, eh, Trev? When you mean "insert some threads", do you mean "falsify history in order to suit your disgustingly racist agenda"? Yes, I think that you might.
"And if there is a prac…

Look on my works...

Via The Englishman, here are a few quotes that even the fucking Gobblin' King dare not have the effrontery to repeat; and neither will Ming nor Cameron. But it is worth reminding everyone that you meet of these words...
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."—Thomas Jefferson
"No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session."—Judge Gideon J. Tucker
"The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because it's so rare."—Daniel P. Moynihan
"The power to tax is the power to destroy. A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny."—Calvin Coolidge
"We have an army of bureaucrats laboring feverishly to convince us of the importance of government. There are few who work to convince …

A standing traitor army

Dan Hannon looks at a number of European parties and leaders and wonders why, when they were EUsceptic both ante and post being in office, so many of them acted pro-EU whilst in power.

It is a question that has already been answered in Britain, and that answer came in the shape of a television series: Yes, Minister. The one constant in all of the changing political landscape is the civil service, and it is they who have kept their leaders on the straight and narrow to EU federalism.

This is why we must kill all the fat-arse, lazy cunt, unaccountable, traitor civil servants before we even get started on the corrupt, incompetent MPs. Get your rope, lads...

Soliciting bullying

Ministry of Truth has a very long and detailed post concerning the current state of British libel laws, as they relate to bloggers, and what changes we should be pushing for. I recommend reading it in full—long though it is.

However, Unity also points to another post about corporate bullying, as related by Richard Brunton. Do read the whole thing, but it mainly deals with the problems as relating to comments made on blogs.
Currently US Law protects site owners from liability from the comments made on their site, of course they have to police them to a certain degree, but the law is with them. However there is no such law in the UK.

More interestingly the very fact that I have shown good will to the head of the company by making a vast amount of deletions and edits shows that I have changed from a "common carrier" of information to a "publisher", and this increases my legal liability for the comments.

Actually, going by the letter of the law, my liability is increased b…

Music and DRM

Virgin Digital is shutting down in stages, and nailing another nail into the coffin (in which we are buried alive) of music Digital Rights Management (DRM).
According to a message on the site, the online music store has already shut its doors to new customers as of last Friday, and as of this coming Friday, it will cease selling individual tracks to current customers. Only subscribing members will have access to the site until their next payment is due or October 19, whichever comes first. After that, the site will cease to operate for both US and UK customers.

The site now advises its customers who have purchased tracks to back them up, as they will not be able to download them again once Virgin Digital has closed. It's unclear whether the purchasers of individual tracks will be able to access their songs without burning them to CD and reimporting them as MP3s, but it's better to be safe than sorry if you're one of those customers. And naturally, subscribing members will…

This is Liberty calling...

There are two new articles up at The first is by a discussion of the alcohol licensing hours—a somewhat pertinent topic at present—by Jackart: Why Pub Licensing is a Bitter draught of Tyranny.

The second is by Assistant Editor, Mark Wallace, of TFA, who discusses Belgium Without The Waffle. You might also want to have a gander at a rather less optimistic article, on the same subject, at The Torch.

We are always looking for articles for so you can either email me or sign up to the site and get writing (if you have problems signing up, simply drop me a line and I will sort it out for you)! The emphasis is on practical Libertarian policies for the UK, but any discussion of libertarian philosophy is encouraged.

The USA: Politically Schizophrenic

Don’t get me wrong, I love America. I love New York, Washington (both DC and the state), Philadelphia and a whole host of other cities and places in that broad land mass. Which is why I often wonder how a country like America can elect a cretin like George W Bush.

The answer, really, is twofold. First of all, I think you have to acknowledge the fact that the Democrats ran a couple of politicalcretins of their own against him. But the other problem lies in the fact that America is almost too diverse and too broad not to elect someone like Bush Junior. America suffers from political schizophrenia.

Take this story. The story itself is extreme and is a bit of a mind-fuck – a religious leader telling a 14 year old girl that she has to marry and shag her 19 year old cousin or go to hell. But it is the little asides in the article that really get to me. Take this sentence:

"Under Utah law a 14-year-old can consent to sex, but not if they are enticed by someone at least three years older.&q…

Running out of energy

Via the excellent Vindico at Curious Snippets From A Cynical Optimist, I find this rather worrying—sorry, fucking terrifying—piece on energy security at The Bruges Group[reproduced in full].
The proposed treaty will give the EU power for the first time over the whole field of energy and Britain’s oil and gas reserves.

The UK’s oil industry produces £5 billion in taxes and has about 265,000 employees. But this could all be threatened by the revived and renamed EU Constitution.

Under the new Article 176a in the Reform Treaty the European Union will take control over energy policy and usage. This will be introduced under Qualified Majority Voting, meaning that Britain will not be able to veto damaging EU laws, nor protect the North Sea reserves.

The implications of this will be enormous. Article 176a reads;
In the context of the establishment and functioning of the internal market and with regard for the need to preserve and improve the environment, Union policy on energy shall aim, in a spir…

EU Referendum: campaigning in Bournemouth

Yesterday, your humble Devil could be spotted in Bournemouth waving a placard—alongside a number of other activists (and "Gordon the Referendum Rat")—demanding that Brown give us the referendum on the EU Constitution that he promised in the Labour 2005 Manifesto.

Much standing around was done, whilst we engaged the various delegates on this issue. Who would have thought that so many Labour Party members would be actively against referendums? First prize goes to the fuckwit who told us that he "didn't believe in referendums" and said that he supported "representative democracy". Since we were, in fact, campaigning for Labour to fulfill their manifesto pledge—with the manifesto being the very representation on which a party is elected—this seemed to be wilfully fucking stupid.

Alas, I was having lunch when one of our number button-holed Neil Kinnock and, after a brief exchange, told him to "fuck off". Although apparently Lord Kinnock of Bedwetti…