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Your children belong to the state

Via Mr FM, yet more stupidity from officious cunting officials.
A COUPLE were banned from taking photographs of their baby daughter on a swing by a park warden who declared it `inappropriate.'

Steve Brook and partner Mandy Smith were having a family day out with 11-month-old Rebecca when the council worker swooped.

"It beggars belief," said Steve, 35. "The fact that a mummy and daddy can't take a picture of their own daughter is ridiculous. I could understand if it was in a swimming pool, but she was well wrapped-up and as far as I could see we were the only people in the park."

Town hall officials said the warden had misinterpreted council policy when he confronted the family at Alexandra Park in Oldham.

Steve, an off-licence manager from Clarksfield in Oldham said: "A man in a high-visibility jacket came over and told us we couldn't take pictures. I asked him why and he said it was illegal to take pictures of children in the park. I explained it was my own daughter but he still said it wasn't allowed."

Your children do not belong to you, they belong to the state as, indeed, do you.


Vicola said…
Ah y'see it's Oldham. Anyone who has ever been to Oldham will tell you that it's mainly populated by 5th generation inbreeds with 17 toes and one brain cell to share between the whole family. This is especially true of anyone who works for Oldham Council.
Roger Thornhill said…
"I could understand if it was in a swimming pool,"

That is the most scary part - a parent not even able to take a pic of their own kid swimming in a pool. It could have been their first strokes, for crying out loud!

If paedophiles were put away for longer until they were not a clear and present danger, then we would not have this moonbattery.

Oh no - lets keep the entire population on edge and deeply mistrustful of each other. The Sociofascists must love all this.
Pascal said…
The thing is, some cunt comes over in a yellow jacket and tells you something as stupid as this and you comply !?!?!

What the fuck ?

If people were less sheep like, it would help.

It just goes to show that you should never underestimate the stupidity of council officials, as well as that of the general public.
Shug Niggurath said…
Yep, the government have us now instinctively accepting that they have the right to tell us what to fucking do!

Well they fucking don't have that right, they just imply it - so tell them to fuck right off.
JuliaM said…
Yes, I too couldn't understand why they didn't just tell the jobsworth to go fetch a policeman (if he could find one!) if photography was so illegal. Then they'd back you up & sort out the jobsworth.

Then I remembered watching this on YouTube:

And I realised why they probably didn't....

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