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Although Timmy and The Englishman have already commented on this story, your humble Devil thought that he would add his own opinion.
Motorists could be banned from smoking behind the wheel of their own cars while driving them as part of their job, it has emerged.

Prof Richard West, the Government's leading smoking adviser, has called for a complete ban on smoking at the wheel.

He said: "It may seem draconian but the Government should legislate."

It is draconian, you fucking cunt: fuck you! And if there is one maxim for ensuring maximum misery, "the Government should legislate" might as well be it.

The government should legislate as little as humanly possible, and unaccountable, authoritarian shit-sticks, like you, should shut their fucking traps. Fuck off, you fucking fucktard fucker.


mitch said…
Don't these gangrenous rectal warts ever learn? there should be a rule(not law) that for every new law passed two get repealed and the PM gets his gonads electrified.This would ensure only necessary law,less stupid law and huge amusement for me.
KG said…
Too bloody right...bastards, the lot of 'em.
Robin said…
Truck drivers are not allowed to smoke in their cabs, unless they own the truck. Remember that many of them will LIVe in their cabs, from one night to all year.That`s a cab that is given to them by their employer to live and work in.
Some workers are given mobile homes,caravans and Portacabins to live on site, presumably they cant smoke in their living space either.
Unsworth said…
Presumably this Professor (of what, exactly?) Richard West would actually prefer to see all smokers banned from driving full stop. That way they might not be distracted by an occasional craving for a cigarette.

Whatever happened to the application of existing legislation - like driving without due care, etc? Presumably this 'Professor' is totally unaware of the law, anyway.

Time he was told to shut up and just get on with the job. Since when has a 'leading smoking advisor' had any legislative input?

So, how does the 'Professor' feel about the eating of boiled sweets on lengthy car journeys? Does he want to ban those, too? After all, the process of unwrapping is likely to be distracting, too.

And maybe we can extend this to closing all Motorway Services shops or garages which sell these dangerous items.

Next up, rip out all the drinks container holders from all vehicles.

Why are we paying for this prat?
Elaib Harvey said…
I have had a few days without the papers, and then by mistake I bought one today. What with this character and those coppers giving some some bloke a fine for leaving his car running, for his own protection, I lost it.
Need to crawl back under a cake.

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