Monday, December 03, 2007

Harriet's finances are a little more than mysterious

As Guido has pointed out a number of times, Harriet Harman needed to raise money for her deputy leadership campaign; not only did she take out a declared £10,000 loan, but she also extended her mortgage (which was not declared).
Harman's re-mortgage of £40,000 is an illegally undeclared loan—made against her home's presumably joint mortgage—to her leadership campaign. Technically the loan is in equal part her husband's loan. Her husband is Jack Dromey, the Labour party Treasurer, so he has permitted an undeclared loan to be made to the Deputy Leader of the Labour party, a loan from him. That is prima facie an illegal loan by two of the very highest ranking officials. She broke not only the spirit but letter of the law—in two instances—the loan and the proxy donation.

One can only conclude that our dear Harriet is a bit skint; why else would she need to accept a donation from Abrahams after she had won. Indeed, she was holding a fundraising party (which has now reportedly been cancelled).

However, this makes Dizzy's question even more pertinent: for if Harriet really is that skint...
... why did she donate £6,727.65 to the Labour Party which was registered on the 20th September 2007? For someone who was apparently strapped for cash, having overspent, and run up an overdraft of £10,000, why donate such an odd figure? Where is the 65p from?

Would anyone care to provide answers? Harriet? Harriet?

Bueller? Bueller...

UPDATE: thanks to DJM in the comments (both here and at Shane Greer's place) who pointed out that this donation amount looks very much like €10,000 converted into pounds.
Now, why would someone domiciled in the UK be giving donations in Euros? Unless...

Unless... What? Unless some European donor gave money to darling Harriet for her to pass onto the Labour Party. Surely no one would be that brazen? Would they...?


Shug Niggurath said...

I'm going to guess that this will be the last of the money she got in donations for the leadership campaign - she would have no legit reason for holding on to it afterwards.

What she appears to have done is went and got £50,000 and then scrambled about for anyone who had cash lying about she could get to pay that back.

In my opinion she's a fanny who fucked up. Hain is up to no fucking good - I think he probably planned to register the amount he spent and find a way of keeping the rest hence why he's now appearing with so much undeclared money.

But no matter what, the two of them need to go, along with Wendy Alexander and ideally Brown will have to go too.

DJM said...

Looks like someone tried to pay off her £10,000 overdraft with 10,000 Euros. Honest mistake, or foreign sugar-daddy? Hmm...