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Spreading the Good News for a change

If you read nothing but the MSM or the Left-o-sphere, you would think that nothing good had come out of the invasion of Iraq; one might think that Iraq was, in fact, hell on earth—a hitherto unforeseen seat of anarchy and evil, a deadly cesspit where humans die like flies.

Of course, it's no paradise, especially in some areas, but actually some good things are happening out there, and Cramner has a detailed report on some aspects. It's definitely worth reading.

Whilst your humble Devil's atheism means that he does not regard the support for Christianity as a good thing per se, the spread of any kind of liberalism is a good thing; especially if it is in a movement that separates church from state and, let's face it, helps people to see certain facets of the Religion of Peace for the barbaric and evil practices that they are.
Air Vice Marshal Sada ended his interview with a request that Christians pray for Iraq and for him personally: 'My family name means a martyr, because early on, many of our family were killed for their faith'.

Cranmer is most grateful to Latimer for this encouragement, which has received no mention at all in the MSM.

Well, isn't that a surprise! Go read the whole thing.


Tomrat247 said…
I've read Georges Sada's autobiography - it really is quite extraordinary; Airforce training in communist Russia, transporting bibles to the Kurdish Christian minorities in the persecuted underground, an incredible man. One thing of particular interest is his view on the WMD's that Saddam HAD amassed - the majority of it was sent to Syria and Lebanon prior to the second Gulf War while a large glut of it was kept in bunkers below Saddam's home town and Baghdad - when he told the CIA and special forces about this they ignored him, when they finally checked his story they found massive underground tunnel networks, with trace amounts of chemical weapons and numerous empty rocket casings...

Good book to read, though you may object to having to walk into a Wesley Owen to get a copy (it's not holy ground so you wont catch fire immediately upon entering DK)
John Trenchard said…
other good places to get Iraq stories that the MSM don't cover are
Michael Yon's blog and Michael Totten's

For example, did you know that the Iraqi Islamic Party has declared that Al Qaeda in Iraq has been defeated?
Cranmer said…
Bless you.

(His Grace never thought he would find himself blessing the Devil, or his kitchen.)


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