Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Devil Tarot: 18

The Moon represents drugs and addiction and madness.

The Moon.
© 2007, Devil's Kitchen.

The Devil Tarot is collected here: there are three left to create: The Sun, Judgement and The World...


Newmania said...

Whats this then a a bit of light relief ? Some good stuff recently DK.I enjoy your doctrinal disputes as well but , probably not for the right reasons. Love the bit on Northern Rock. Quite

Thomas Gordon said...

Very nice DK.

However do you have a death card because there is a distinct wiff about the Great Leader:


It would be quite good to have a card featuring a woman being flogged to death while wee Dougie Alexander looks on.....

Anonymous said...

they are all good but this one is very good.
cheers john gibson

Anonymous said...

>The Moon represents drugs and addiction and madness.<

Does it fuckery. The Moon represents a big lump of rock floating around in the sky.

I mean, for fuck's sake, DK, *try* to get it right. It isn't fucking rocket surgery.