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The Tories on education: still not getting it

There is an article about George Osborne's proposed cut to Inheritance Tax up, but I've talked about that before. Luckily, the Beeb have kept it interesting by revealing some of Gove's plans for education; and, whilst I wouldn't like to leap to conclusions, it seems that the Tories still don't get it. [Emphasis mine.]
Shadow education secretary Michael Gove will confirm plans for new "pioneer schools", promising to "tear down the bureaucratic barriers which prevent new schools being built".

One of the ideas is for every pupil in the country to wear a school blazer.

"From Sweden to New York, conservative politicians have ushered in an age of real school choice with hundreds of new schools coming in to the state sector to provide parents with real control over their children's future.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That simply isn't how—or, more pertinently, why—the system in Sweden, and in certain trial areas of the USA, works at all, you fucking dimwit. The point is that there is no state sector: all of the schools are private.

Whilst the funding may come from the state—and if you want to look at a decent system here, then I suggest that you look to this paper by your very own Douglas Carswell MP and Dan Hannan MEP—the schools themselves are private businesses. Don't you understand?

And that means that you cannot instruct them to teach children to read using phonics and you cannot instruct schools to have a school uniform, for fuck's sake. The point is that you stupid, incompetent cunts get out of the whole system of provision entirely and stop fucking up the prospects of countless generations of hapless children.

Bugger off, you control-freak wankers: bugger off out of education and let the market sort it out. In the name of all that's unholy, we can see a system that works—in Sweden—so why don't you fucking cunts just relinquish your power and stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

This is far too fucking important.


Mark Wadsworth said…
Yup, totally agreed, vouchers for schools is the ONLY way forward. And this could actually help reduce DfES bill, if the vouchers are worth less than £7,000 a year (or however much the fuck the gummint currently wastes per pupil, oops, 'per student'). Which why I say 'Vote UKIP'. Getting out of the EU us just icing on the cake.
anthonynorth said…
I think you're under the false assumption that a statement about education is about education.
How can they try to steal Labour voters to make up for the Tory votes that Labour has stolen if they don't show they'll interfere in education?
Roger Thornhill said…
The Tories also conflate Healthcare with the NHS. This morning they are chaining themselves to the ball and chain that is centralised, tax-funded healthcare.

In fact, the way they seem to be suggesting, it will be an even bigger screw up than it is now!

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