Monday, October 01, 2007

Raving Tories and the New Politics

Oh dear fucking god. Look, I know I'm focusing on the Tories a lot, but it's kind of that season and the Tory bloggers keep bringing back entertaining snippets; few are more amusing than this video at Guido's.

It was apparently played to the Conference Hall and, as a matter of fact, I quite like it; it has dynamism. However, with all of the money at the Tories' disposal, one would have thought that they could be bothered to do a bit of research, eh?

The first problem that I have is, I will admit, a niggling point...

Now, this has been the case for quite some time. When I started taking pills, back in about 2000, they were about £4 a pop and that was in Edinburgh, which was notoriously expensive compared to the south of England. At that time, a cinema ticket was about £5.50. By the time that I gave up ecstasy, in about 2002, I was paying about £2.50 per pill, when the cinema cost £7.50. So this is hardly a new phenomenon.

The next issue is rather more factually inaccurate...

This is just simply untrue. Dearest Polly tried to claim something similar, back in May 2006, and was neatly skewered, as per, by Factchecking Pollyanna.
You can see the detail here—the figures are a lot noisier than you might think from this description. In fact, the barrier had to close six times in 1990, and not at all in 1991. Nine times in 1993 and only once in 1994. Only twice in 2004 and 2005, though this comes after 18 times in 2003.

In short, this claim that the barrier is being closed six times a year is nothing less than a bare-faced lie. And I do not care is it is an average of x number of past years—that is not what the statement says, nor is it the impression that it gives.

Next, the film comes up with yet another fucking lie.

No, the ten hottest years have not all been since 1990; this is fucking cobblers. We have known since mid-August that this was a pile of steaming horseshit.
Last month, when Steve McIntyre, an expert statistical analyst, spotted a fundamental flaw in the method Hansen had used to calculate his figures, GISS was forced to publish a new graph, showing that the hottest year of the 20th century was not 1998, as generally accepted, but 1934. Of the 10 hottest years since 1880, four were in the 1930s, only three in the past decade.

Come on, guys; for fuck's sake, get your research up to date. Or, alternatively, stop lying and scaremongering. That's...

Now, you are absolutely fucking right in saying that there's...

But that means that you fuckers have to be straight with us; that means that you stop lying to push your agenda because, you bunch of fucking numbnuts, we bloggers will bloody well call you on it.

And that means that you have to stop scaremongering to force through legislation that panders to your own personal fucking beliefs at the expense of freedom, because we bloggers will—yes, that's right—bloody well call you on it. Again.

This is the New Politics, you fucks: no matter what creed or party you follow*, we will call you out on every lie, and every exaggeration and every scandal. We have the people, we have the data and we are sick and fucking tired of being lied to, day after sodding day. That's what New Politics is: you bastards being called to account on everything you do, every single day.

You can get the message, or you can continue to indulge in your old corrupt practices. And if you choose the latter, then we may decided that there is more decisive change required...

* Although we won't go for the LibDems so much, as they are utterly irrelevent...


Mark Wadsworth said...

I don't get the Ecstasy bit.

Are they accusing cinemas of charging too much (despite the half-billion pound subsididy these luvvie bastards get every year - enough to pay for four cinema tickets for every household every year); or are they applauding the functioning of the free markets that ensure 100,000s of young people can have a good time on Friday night for next-to-nothing?

How many deaths a year from Ecstasy, one, two?

Roger Thornhill said...

It is not CHANGE we need...but IMPROVEMENT!

Change can be for the worse, and most of the time with New Labour it is!

Change is like "spending" or "choice".

We do not want spending, but investment.

We do not want choice, but freedom.

Finally, we do not need change, but improvement.

Sometimes that means putting things back to how they were - as any owner of a badly improved Victorian house would testify.

Mike Power said...

You missed the other big chestnut: Soweto safer than Hackney! Complete nonsense based on a ludicrous comparison of emergency room admissions. When this was first claimed there were 27,000 murders a year in Soweto but this is what the DT piece had to say: While Hackney does not match its overall murder figures, Homerton Hospital is only yards from the East End's notorious "Murder Mile", where eight people have been shot dead in the past two years. OMG! Lets all move to SA.

Englishman Abroad said...

Thanks - I feel better now.

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