Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Powering ahead

Via the Scottish Political Blogs Roundup, this post on Mike Power's Not A Blog is right on the money.
Read this report carefully. There is not an epidemic of alcohol related illness amongst middle class drinkers there is an ‘epidemic of dangerous drinking’. And what is ‘dangerous drinking’? It is whatever people like Professor Gilmour says it is...

These people don’t need evidence. They simply come up with an arbitrary limit for something (like 2 eggs a week) based on poor science, or no science, then decide that anything over that limit is dangerous and spend all their efforts trying to get people to change their behaviour. Eggs, alcohol, marijuana, passive smoking… the list goes on. It’s the new puritanism.

And the solution to this ‘problem’? Yes, you’ve guessed it:
Prof Mark Bellis, the director of the NWPHO, suggested “substantial” increases in the price of alcohol could help to tackle the problem.

I can think of another solution. I suggest a “substantial” cut in the salaries of professors could help to tackle the problem.

Can’t wait for the day some government funded research discovers that working more than five hours a day is seriously harmful or that paying tax leads to health damaging stress. Yeah, right.

Go and read the whole thing...


DocBud said...

I can't find out what qualifications Professor Mark bleeding Bellis has got. Anyone know? He certainly has his snout in a very large number of troughs. I for one can only thank God for paternalistic libertarians like the good ol' prof. I can sleep well at night knowing that such sainted individuals are looking after my best interests. Mind you, the beer, half a bottle of red wine and wee nip of whisky that I consume more nights than not also help me sleep.

anthonynorth said...

My father was born in 1907. Throughout most his life he smoked some 30 fags a day (untipped), drank going on for a gallon of beer/stout a day, and went through a bottle of whisky a week in his tea.
He lived to the age of 79. His health began to degrade from age 74, when he gave up smoking and beer.
He was quite normal.

mike power said...

Thanks for the link MrD. I had no idea I featured in the Scottish Political Blogs Roundup largely because I don't really think of myself as a political blogger and I keep forgetting that I now live in Scotland!

BTW: I knew buying that T-shirt was a good investment :)