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MSM phrases that fuck me off

There are certain phrases currently in use that really grip my shit. So, here's an open letter to the wank-stains of the MSM.
Dear Wank-stains of the MSM and especially the BBC,

I think that it is lovely—now that NuLabour has given you permission—that you have finally had the balls to run major reports on immigration. However, could I point out that the only people "questioning whether or not the government has lost control of our borders" are stupid, ignorant fuckwits, much like yourselves.

Of course the government has not "lost control of our borders". It quite deliberately gave away control of our borders when it signed up to the EU.

So, I wonder if you'd mind getting a fucking grip, please?


Your Humble Devil
Hell Towers

On a similar subject, you have got to love this quote from David Davis.
"Immigration policy has been out of control for a decade and, if you can't count migration, you certainly can't control it."

As Timmy has repeatedly pointed out, you cannot control it no matter whether you know the fucking figures or not.
As has been noted here before the only one of the four types of immigration that the UK really controls is family reunification. Intra EU movements cannot be stopped, asylum is ruled by UN agreements and extra EU economic migration is about to become subject to the new EU "blue cards".

So anyone who wants to seriously change the amount of immigration needs to state that we have to be outside the EU for this to happen. That would be the adult debate…we’d like to change this situation but we don’t actually have the power to do so. So how do we reclaim it?

I’m, as most will know, in favour of the free movement of labour, so I’m not actually advocating that we do change the immigration rules. Just pointing out that it’s all very well to talk about it, but if you don’t actually have the power to change it, then that’s all it is, talk.

Absolutely correct. And, as Trixy keeps pointing out, if the Tories are not in favour of all this immigration, then maybe they should have instructed their MEPs to vote against it.

Just a thought...


Anonymous said…
There is actually a fifth way of controlling immigration. Most immigrants come here for the work, and that work is normally the low-end low paid work that we cannot be bothered to do.

The reason we can't be bothered is that the working classes who should be doing it have found that claiming benefit is much more profitable, and permits the claimant to dodge all manner of taxes and so on (and work too, for cash in hand, if they can lie fluently enough).

To cut the number of immigrants we therefore need to minimise the amount of low paid work, and we do that by putting the boot behind the army of welfare claimants we have, by time-limiting benefits and devolving control to local councils.

This could actually have some startling benefits to it. Consider if taxation to central government was cut by the amount that Central Government currently pay in benefits, and this was passed over to councils to grab from the public in Council Tax.

Areas with large numbers of welfare claimants would experience high council tax. This would fairly rapidly cause council tax payers to either leave, or vote for the council that would locally cut welfare payments. Either way, welfare claimants would find the going getting extremely tough, very quickly, and would be forced back into work forthwith; plus local councils would regain some of the power the less-accountable Central Government has stolen of late.
Devil's Kitchen said…

Yes, quite so and something that I pointed out in this post, especially when quoting Dizzy's piece.


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