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More substantial postings to follow in a bit, but could I make a plea: can we please put Bremner, Bird and Fortune out of my misery? Bremner himself has not been funny for about a decade (and his current imitation of Boris is particularly shit) but, worst of all, he now seems to have leeched all of the comedy from the two Johns too.

Bremner, Bird and Fortune: it's fucking shit.


John Trenchard said…
in the "admiral" sketch between the two Johns a substantial factual error was inserted. The Harrier aircraft does not have a range of 400 miles. There are variants with a range of 1,200 miles to over 2,000 miles.

BAE Harrier II - range 2,015 miles. The GR9 variant entered service in 2006.
Anonymous said…
I know! Now that Tony is on a mission of world piss there really is a dwindling amount of polititians he is able to impersonate.
Newmania said…
I yes please I have detested them for years...still we await the first broon gag of the spring(well the Autumn) to cuckoo forth from the beeb still on the 'endlessly fresh 'Thatcher shtick~

A copmedy producuer i knmow at R 4 tells me there is no materila in Broon ..Private Eye seem to have no difficulty .
Matt said…
Something to consider:

Maybe politics is more worthy of crying about as opposed to laughing?
Not a sheep said…
My wife tired of Bremner, Bird and Fortune about two years ago. I kept watching but more out of habit than with any great enthusiasm. Now I watch about ten minutes of each show and wonder why I bother. The show is just not funny enough to dedicate an hour of my Sunday night to.
Roger Thornhill said…
BBF sometimes hits it in their discussions (similar to the Admiral sketch, but not really this one) but miss more often than not.

"Maybe It's because I'm a Blunderer" as not too bad a gag in itself, but what about doing one for Gordon

"Maybe It's because I'm a Treasoner"...

That would have more of a hit. How come these blokes did not just come out with it?

No. They failed.

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