Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I wanted to comment on this abomination some time ago, but the moment has passed and I now only have one thing to say.

1984 IS A WARNING NOT A FUCKING INSTRUCTION MANUAL, you hideous, grinning, ginger midget.


SwordOfMars said...

Inform and win a holiday! Or a bike, or some other crap paid for by mugs like you and me.

Not 1984, though. More like the handbook for Hitler Youth.

Still, whilst I'm languishing in rural France, I'm busy recruiting troops for the revolution - the idea seems quite popular amongst the local ex-pats. Tanks, Whitehall and few stout lengths of rope seem to really put some spark in the old boys in the local bar...

vicola said...

ARGHHH! I really don't understand why it is illegal for me to beat the ginger twat to death with a rancid halibut. An army of underage snoopers, delightful. There are reasons the police don't recruit kids and they are good reasons.