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Help! Your humble Devil has stumbled across a creative job that he would very much like to apply for—in fact, it sounds very much like a dream job. However, the publisher advertising the vacancy requirs me to "send three pieces of [my] best work" and I am having trouble deciding what to select.

I would be very grateful if any readers who feel like it would browse my Print Portfolio page and leave the names of their three favourite pieces in the comments. I shall no doubt then use some immensely cunning weighting system to work out which ones to pick.

Thanks in advance...


witchibus said…
The Last Chapter of Dreaming, Stitching and Burnt Offerings
Anonymous said…
Dollshouse, Long Way from Anywhere, Last Chapter of Dreaming.
Thats a lot of Carnival-related stuff you're putting up today...

Much props... Reminds me that one of those bastards owes me money.
Mark Wadsworth said…
The Gobblin' King one.

This was how I stumbled across your website, I was doing some research for my Bow Group report, and having read all the serious literature, I wondered what the man in the street thought of him, so I googled "Gordon Brown Shithead Bastard Wanker" and you came near the top of the list.
Roger Thornhill said…
12 Months, Disguise, Suddenly.
chris said…
Disguise The Limit
Romeo & Juliet (text)
And doing the helpful bit: Trouble in paradise, Enola poster, and Offcuts.
Prodicus said…
CoS Barfly Flyer '07
Long Way From Anywhere
Gronk - Letters from home
assegai mike said…

I hope the three Enola pieces count as one, this could be most helpful to you. Great combo of design and typography (both weight and how you zapped the kerning).

Carnival of Souls / Tenterhooks: possibly your best piece in my opinion. Yes, bleak, but shows great skill and imagination.

Stitching: Pretty good.

I think these three would show someone with a trained eye that you know your onions.

Ingram said…
Summer Gigs
Alan said…
In order of preference:

Disguise the Limit
Feared Lost

I'd also like to add Offcuts, but that would make three music covers. So:

A Dollshouse

Is probably the best of the non-CDs!
Pete in Dunbar said…
If I have to choose, my favourites are the Enola flyer, Stitching and Trouble in Paradise.
Pete in Dunbar said…
BTW if it doesn't work out, does that mean you blame us collectively?
Mike Power said…
12 Months to Midnight
Trouble In Paradise (reverse)
Becket, Tennterhooks and Mr Punch. But since it's widely acknowledged I have the artistic tastes of a philistine I guess you'd better weight this accordingly
Ms Robinson said…
Beckett(Text), Tenterhooks, and Summer Gigs (for contrast). May I say how nice to look at someone else's portfolio instead of having people judge mine.
Chuck Unsworth said…
Enola flyer front, Long Way, Becket text.

Good luck!
woman on a raft said…
Tenterhooks, Stitching (19), Enola Flyers (24).

Tenterhooks has the quality of calling the eye back for contemplation. It leaves a strong memory.

Stitching (19) intrigues by being slightly repellent. The text is legible and remains balanced and integrated with the artwork.

Enola (24) is the most immediate of the samples. The visual complexity of typeface, the umbra and the script-ground holds the eye for much longer than a simple radiation symbol.

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