Thursday, October 25, 2007

Having consulted with various minions, acquaintances and rabble-rousers, if you are attending the Pro-Referendum Rally on Saturday, your humble Devil will be in St Stephen's Tavern [GMap but really, it's right next to Westminster Tube] from 11am.

Obviously, anyone who fancies a pint then (and probably after the whole shebang too) is welcome to join. Apart from assassins. And Neil cunting Kinnock.


Anonymous said...

We'll look out for you......

John Trenchard said...

sounds good.
EU Ref forum here has a list of MPs attending.

Looks like my Flickr account is going to be hammered.

assegai mike said...

I may well do that. What time'll you be there till? I could get there post-golf by 12:30 with a following wind.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sadly I cannot be there, though I go with the general sentiment of the day.

Here's a tenner, have something with a little umbrealla in it on me, or if you insist, a pint of Old Scrote's Golden Shower.

Next time you are in Edinburgh eh?

Mr Eugenides said...

Two observations:

1. You have minions? How did you manage that? Is it a 1000+ hits-a-day thing? Damn you.

2. Can you give us an estimate of the probability of your staying in the St. Stephen's all day and never making the rally? Please express your answer as a percentage.

John Trenchard said...

well, considering that none other than Ian Paisley is going to be there (see the MP list on the Rally) , i think i'll steal myself away from the Tavern to get myself a few snaps. whether you like his politics or not, he is one of those larger than life political characters that you simply can't ignore.

i wonder if he'll do a "No Surrender" speech tailored not for Ulster, but this time, for the entire friggin UK???

John Trenchard said...

DK - unfortunately I will have to take away at least one of your lamposts, because - shock horror - Guido has discovered an MP who ISNT on the gravy train.

Read it all here

He is one Philip Hollobone MP ,( Con, Kettering) - expenses cost. £44,551.

By contrast, Liam Byrne(Lab, Birmingham Hodge Hill) is four times as expensive at an eye watering £178,116.

John Trenchard said...

this might be of interest to you DK (and other DK readers)

Oink - Not a friggin clue whatsoever

It's about the unbelievably dishonest reporting about the shutdown of the bitorrent site (and the arrest of the 24 year British admin of it)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Rather irritatingly, I have to go to Wales on Saturday. Which is a bummer because the forty minute Tube journey to Central London sure beats a five hour hack out to Wales. Ah well.

Newmania said...

I have stuff to do but I am going to do my best

Vindico said...

I'll be there.

Sen. Peter Higham Paul said...

I understand Polly and Neil Clark were also attending, hoping to be stood a pint or eight.

How's the slush fund standing up?

John Trenchard said...

Murder attempt on 4 SIOE members in Denmark
Iron bars and knives used.
one of the SIOE members was a 74 year old woman.

Thomas Gordon said...


I'm looking forward to the big push fella.

Seeya at 11:00...BTW do we have some placards?

Daily Referendum said...

I'll be there.

Ordovicius said...

And Neil cunting Kinnock.

What, has St Stephen's lifted it's 'No ginger whingers' door policy?

Anonymous said...

I notice that there is also an Anti-Abortion rally today. The Biased BBC has been reporting on this ad nauseam .
Looks like a bit of political spoiling to me-the Govt./authorities obviously allowed them on the same day to dilute attention to the Pro Referendum case .
Sneaky Bastards.