Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do you ever watch something and think, "yeah, I'm that cool character", and then realise you aren't? I have been watching a lot of That 70s Show lately—as I have opined before, Donna is just absolutely lovely: she reminds me of one of my exes—and I really like to think that I'm Hyde because he is just so fucking cool.

But, secretly, I have this sneaking suspicion that I am actually Eric, with an added alcohol problem.

And, now, onto things that piss me off...


The Nameless One said...

In fairness, though, Eric is the one who is banging Donna, whilst Hyde has nothing but unrequited love/lust for Donna.

Jesus. I've just realised I'm a That 70's Show nerd as well as being a nerd about so much else.

Charles Pooter said...

"I have been watching a lot of That 70s Show lately"

Why, in God's name, would you want to do that?