Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Blatant Blog Plug Post*

The Daily Mail Tendency has had one of its' (very infrequent) updates. It is a blog dedicated to tearing into poor/hysterical/crass/hate filled journalism everywhere. It is not just focused on The Daily Mail, although in fairness there is no shortage of poor/hysterical/crass/hate filled journalism in that rag.

The Moai and I write the blog between us, but we are always looking for other people to post and for links to blogs that attack the nations most popular hate rag. So if you would like to contribute then feel free to send me a link at thenamelesst[at]yahoo[dot]co[uk].

*Apologies, DK. The normal service of profane ranting will be resumed at the earliest opportunity.


Pedanticus said...

Speaking of poor journalism, you do know there should be no possessive apostrophe on the word "its", don't you?

Devil's Kitchen said...

No problem, TNO. This is your space too and you help make it what it is – feel free to plug your other sites...


Procrastinatus said...

Infrequent updates?! Last post May 23rd 2007. You're not joking!

assegai mike said...

Well, I dunno. Yes the Mail is a bit crap and yes it is hysterical and shouty. But it is both influential and widely-read. I think with the political Right as weak as a kitten these days, we shouldn't work to undermine one of our very few real assets.

The Nameless One said...


I have a complete blind spot for apostrophes, so I don't doubt for one second you are right. Fortunately I am not a journalist, and therefore am not paid for my writing, unlike those on the Mail who are paid to write their unmitigated shite.

Assegai Mike

Can understand where you are coming from, but I tend to see the Mail as not so much right wing as downright racist and reactionary. But over at the Tendency we do mock other papers as well.


assegai mike said...

TNO: I have to bow to better authority on this one, only having occasionally flipped through the Mail belonging to my ex-gf's mum.

But in a country where the CRE drops on you like a ton of bricks for using the word "itinerant", surely the Mail would fall foul for even being slightly racist. And if not, why not?