Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why drugs are bad...

Croydonian reports that the Labour Party has been bribing drug addicts to vote for them.
That is the claim that has been made, anyway.

Before anyone gets too excited, it is not our own, dear, dear Labour Party, but rather its ideological comrades and fellow Socialist International members, the Norwegian Labour Party (known in those parts as the Det Norske Arbeiderparti) that has been doing its bit to A—get elected and B—keep the smackheads high.

The bribe was not enormous, at NOK 50, or about £4.50. Apparently kebabs were on offer for those junkies suffering more from the munchies than cold turkey.

Well, that explains a lot: I mean, you'd have to be on drugs to vote Labour, eh?


Vindico said...

You call them druggies, they call them their base!

Anonymous said...

Drugs are not bad, they help us

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