Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TV Producers destroy Ming

No, not the LibDem Ming, the Flash Gordon Ming. And, for fuck's sake, what a pretty pass we've come to when not even Ming The Merciless is sacred anymore...

Oh, and I remember all of those programmes; although I think that Unity has missed out such classics as Stingray, G-Force: Battle For The Planets (their spaceship actually turned into a firey phoenix: how cool was that!) and the stunningly good (in my remembrance and, having found some clips on YouTube, not too shoddy now) StarFleet: X-Bomber.

Although, of course, I never saw any of them in colour, as we only had a little 12" black and white TV until I was into my teens, IIRC...

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Unity said...

Stingray and Starfleet were on ITV, and Starfleet was the early 80's, and had a theme song by Brian May which was pretty good.

As for Battle of the Planets, which was the late 70's/early 80's I've actually seen the Japanese original 'Gatchaman' which would never have been shown uncut on kids TV, as it was much darker and more violent anime.

When it was recut as a kids show, the annoying cut scenes with the anal retentive robot were added tin the US to hide the fact that it had been cut to ribbons.

And, of course, the apex of cult kids TV was the mighty Monkey.