Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Where Is Scotland's Justice Minister When You Need Him?

Immediately after the terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport, Kenny MacAskill, Justice Minister in the rebel rabble passing itself off as "The Scottish Government", remarked that the attackers were not "born and bred here” and that " (a)ny suggestion to be made that they are homegrown terrorists is not true” .
Jeezo, Kenny, looks like we've got our own homegrown terrorist now, in the shape of Mohammed Atif Siddique, a native of Alva convicted of terrorist offences at the High Court in Glasgow this very morning.
Sorry, Minister, you've gone awfully quiet...didn't hear what you had to say...
He and the rest of his pitiful little band are no doubt holding hands in a darkened room, singing, 'A Man's A Man For A' That'.


Ian McKellar said...

Isn't this the same Kenny MacAskill who was arrested after a Scotland England game at Wembley?Giving rise to the famous "Only An Excuse Sketch" showing a Metropolitan Police Officer throwing a Drunken protesting Scottish Football Fan into the Cell, saying to him, "Well write to your MSP then" only to have the rejoinder, "But I am an MSP!!"

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I don't know where Alva is and I cannot be bothered to look it up, but it is bound to be just another Scottish shithole, one of many hundreds, where there is nothing to do but use the internet for wanking and terrorism.

Anonymous said...

mohammed atif siddique is totally innocent.
as the family lawyer Aamer Anwar put it 'the verdict is a tradgy 4 justice n freedom of speech'