Saturday, September 08, 2007

The hypocrisy of the LibDems

We all know that the LibDems are right up there at the top of the league table of untrammelled lying and hypocrisy, being uniquely loathed by other parties' local campaigners. Indeed, if you ever want to see a Labour and Conservative campaigner agreeing with each other, simply get them started on how underhand the election tactics of the LibDems are.

So, it is nice to see that this awfulness extends to their blogging habits too, as illustrated by Cornish LibDem Councillor, Rob Nolan.
There are not many places like Newlyn left now, it's still a working port and people live and work there. Most people were drunk last night, but there was no trouble, you can't start a fight in the pub that your Dad and Grandad drink in, and if you do, it's soon sorted.

But the Government is grinding on with legal action against some skippers who went over their quotas, and this could destroy the fragile economy of the town. They don't deny that they broke the law, but they want fair treatment and proportionate fines.

In the comments, prospective LibDem MP, Arwen Folkes, has this story to relate...
Recently I visited some fishermen in Mevagissey. It was absolutely fascinating listening to them talk about how they wanted more say over their waters - because they could see that they needed to fish patches in rotation, using methods which would be more environmentally friendly and allow stocks to replenish better.

They were frustrated beyond belief by the fact that the EU fisheries people wouldn't even let them in on the conversation and therefore were imposing restrictions which didn't match the needs of the specific waters.

There is no wonder, resentment is rising - these are fishing families who have spent years fishing their waters, they want to protect their waters and were gagged.

So, we can essentially point to the Common Fisheries Policy and argue that it has been a fucking disaster. According to the Bruges Group, the CFP costs us £2.5 billion a year [PDF] in pure cash, whilst the ecological damage to both the seabed and fish stocks—a classic case of the tragedy of the commons—is possibly incalculable. The CFP is imposed by the European Union.

So, I wonder whether the delightful Rob and Arwen would like to tell us what the fishermen said when these two worthy LibDems pointed out that both of them support further EU integration (as I assume they do: they are members of the LibDems, after all). After all, surely one cannot imagine that they kept schtum over this particular bit of party policy—that would be deeply hypocritical.

Anyway, there is more to Rob Nolan's post.
Years ago when South Crofty, the last Cornish tin mine, closed some graffiti appeared on the wall. 'Mining scat, fishing scat, what's a Cornish boy to do?'. The answer seems to us to be that our Government doesn't care. Take away what a man does, and you take away what he is.

Really? If I didn't do graphic design and went into something else entirely, would that make me a different person? No, I don't think so.
May be this is part of the reason for the upsurge in Cornish Nationalism, that we've seen lately.

This idea of Cornish nationalism seems to be a mild recurring theme on Rob's blog. So, one must ask the question: what the living fuck do the Cornish nationalists think being an independent country is going to achieve? If your industries are fucked, then they are fucked: being independent is not going to revitalise the economy. The tin mines, like the coal mines, closed because they were no longer competitive: this is a bummer but it is also the way of the world.

So, what about fishing? Well, if Cornwall became independent then it could withdraw from the EU and regain control of its waters, yes. But I somehow doubt that Rob and his ilk would go in that direction: no, they would tell the people of Cornwall that they should be in the EU so that they could get some of those lovely handouts that so benefited Ireland (much like the SNP in Scotland). Why the fuck all of these places are so eager to embrace their own vastly expensive bureaucratic institutions is something I've never quite worked out.

Anyway, silly sods like the LibDems would always rather be a France than an Iceland—to leech off others rather than building a sustainable position through hard work and sensible policies—and if the people of Cornwall are stupid enough to listen to the LibDems—and since they've elected some of them, they must be—then they deserve all they get.

Although, of course, one thing that they don't deserve is the large quantities of our tax money that gets siphoned off to prop up votes down that way.

Since bloody everywhere seems keen to be independent, perhaps London and the Home counties should simply become an independent city state, and the rest of the whining, grasping, unproductive parts of the UK can just get on with moaning about how unfair life is: we would not only be freed from having to listen to the buggers, we could also cease subsidising them.


James Barlow said...

I've had a chat with a few friends here in Bristol and we've come up with a plan to rebuild the M25 to make it 20 feet high, lined with barbed wire and guard towers.

You can say it's there to keep us out, and we'll say it's there to keep you in, and we'll both be happy.

C4' said...

This Fib Dim is even worse:

She's a BIG fan of Baroness Tonge.

Sacerdote said...

I agree that the CFP is an abomination. I can't believe that people haven't learned their lesson from the collapse of the Newfoundland fishing industry. I've blogged about this here.

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