Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gobblin' Lothario

It seems that Polly is not the only woman who gets all wet between the legs when thinking about our Cyclopean PM...
Tony Blair may have flirted outrageously and Bill Clinton may have mesmerised with his louche charisma.

But when it comes to turning grown women into stammering jellies, Gordon Brown, it appears, is your man.

Mariella Frostrup, not normally known as a pushover, seemed to come over all unnecessary when she hosted a question-and-answer session with the prime minister at the Labour conference.

Gosh, does that mean that she gave him an easy ride? As it were...
You might think she would have become immune to the PM's entirely unintentional charms by now - after all, she is a family friend.

Ah, right.


Davide Simonetti said...

There's a lot of it about for some inexplicable reason. I posted on this article back in August which had me looking for a bucket to puke in.

Prodicus said...

Well, well, well. You just never know, do you? But it explains why I suddenly had to sick up my brekkers. It explains a lot else, too.