Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bill Deedes (1913–2007), RIP

Generally speaking, I loathe journalists almost as much as politicians but the death of Bill Deedes is sad new indeed. I shall look forward to the next issue of Private Eye, which lampooned him so often.

Truly, one of their great muses has carked it.

UPDATE: In The Telegraph's obituary, the following paragraph caught my eye.
Ordered to France in the immediate aftermath of D-Day as a member of a motor battalion, Deedes was staggered to discover that the unions at West Ham Docks objected to loading armoured cars: “We don’t have the rate,” they complained.

I, too, am staggered. But am I surprised?



Anonymous said...

'We don't have the rate'. this sounds like right-wing bollocks to me, see Max Hastings/Corelli Barnett.

Armoured vehicles would have been driven onto the ships by Army personnel.

The Remittance Man said...

Not necessarily, Jockney.

Indeed I think it was in Hastings's book on the Normandy campaign that I read a similar comment regarding the somewhat lackadaisical attitude of British dockers loading ships for the follow on waves after the initial landings.

It may interest you to know that the number of days lost to strikes in essential industries during the war was reputedly as high as the number in peacetime. So much for the "patriotic workforce" meme, if this is true.

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