Monday, July 09, 2007

It's OK; alcohol's on the menu again

Iain Dale reports that Spam has not accepted Iain Duncan Smith's fucking stupid drink tax proposals.
Yesterday I didn't write about the ludicrous proposal in Iain Duncan Smith's report to put up taxes on alcohol. I wanted to find out what the status of these proposals were. To all those who have frothed at the mouth you should know that they have NOT been accepted by David Cameron, and I hope they won't be.

Like many of you, I am fed up with politicians whose knee jerk reaction to a problem is instinctively to suggest putting up taxes. There are often far better actions one can take. Adding a few pence to a pint of beer will do absolutely nothing to stop binge drinking, but it will of course provide extra tax revenues for the Treasury to squander.

Iain Duncan Smith's aim is to raise £400 million to build new drug and alcohol treatment centres, a laudable aim in itself, but quite achieveable without putting up taxes. For God's sake, we're Conservatives. We do not believe in putting up taxes.

Quite right. But it's yet another own goal for the Tories, I'm afraid.

What a pity, how sad.

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